Fisher By-Election - channelling Bob Such?

On the 6th of December voters in the South Australian State seat of Fisher will go to the polls to elect a replacement Member of Parliament following upon the death of long-term incumbent, Dr Bob Such MP. 

This seat holds significant interest for phesologists and for both the Labor Government and Liberal opposition. Dr Such was, for many years, an independent MP leaving many to wonder at the true nature of the electorate vis-à-vis the major parties.

This morning on ABC Radio 891 the four candidates considered to be 'in with a chance' in Fisher were interviewed live on air. As this website deals only with the issue of euthanasia, I will deal only with the candidate's comments in this regard.

From the radio transcript:

Nat Cook (Labor): ... I've been a registered nurse for 25 years and previous to that also involved in Health, so I have a very clear position around the dignified passage to death. Euthanasia is a very contentious term and I prefer that any legislation is better framed around the language with a good education package. I am very, very determined to make sure that the advanced directives and good palliative orders are adhered to and families do get an opportunity to discuss that with their loved one when they are at the end stages of their life. (Abraham: So what's your position on people