Nurse sneaks into Jewish nursing home to euthanise patient

An Orthodox Jewish nursing home in Vancouver has filed a complaint after an abortion doctor entered their facility without permission and secretly euthanised one of their patients. Life Site reports: Continue reading

Tell the ACT parliament: ‘we can do better’

On 30 November, the ACT Legislative Assembly established a Select Committee to review and report on end of life choices in the ACT. The terms of reference for the Select Committee include inquiring into and reporting on ACT community views on the desirability of voluntary assisted dying being legislated in the ACT. Continue reading

Physically healthy Dutch woman dies via euthanasia at age 29

Aurelia Brouwers died via euthanasia in her Netherlands home last week at the age of 29. She had suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder and other mental illness, but was physically healthy. Despite initial promises that only those with terminal illnesses who were mentally capable of making the decision would be eligible for euthanasia, The Netherlands now grants euthanasia for those suffering from mental illness: about 1 in 11 requests for euthanasia on psychological grounds only is granted. Continue reading

German medical experts hit back: don’t force us to be involved in euthanasia

A German federal ruling which ordered Germany’s Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) to decide when to allocate lethal medicines to patients is being challenged by the institute’s physicians, who don’t want to be forced to be involved in euthanasia.  The March 2017 ruling of the Federal Court in Leipzig also legalised assisted suicide. Continue reading

Role contradictions for doctors: to bring health or death to a patient?

When it comes to assisted suicide, we should be concerned about the effect it will have upon the role of the doctors that serve us. Without assisted suicide in the picture, the doctor’s role is to ensure that everything in his or her power is done to preserve the health and life of the patient. However, when assisted suicide is introduced, it confuses the role of the doctor. Continue reading

One Specialist for every 704 deaths: palliative care problems in Australia

Thousands of our fellow Australians are dying in excruciating pain, thanks to the government's egregious disregard for the state of our palliative care system. In a piece titled “’Not the way they wanted to die’: Final wishes of thousands of Australians going unmet,” The Sydney Morning Herald volunteers some sobering statistics: Continue reading

WA’s Premier makes early decision to support assisted suicide legislation

WA Premier Mark McGowan has already publicly declared his support for legalised killing in advance of hearing the results of a parliamentary inquiry into end of life choices, and without seeing any draft legislation anticipated to be introduced to Western Australia’s Parliament this year. Mr McGowan has made his decision, despite the parliamentary committee only being a third of the way through its task, with no legislation before parliament under consideration, and in disregard of the Australian Medical Association’s opposition to euthanasia and assisted suicide. The West Australian reports: Continue reading

Six facts you may not know about assisted suicide

With assisted suicide legalised in Victoria and advocates still pushing for its legalisation in other states, you may be wondering what problems lie ahead for Australia when it comes to assisted suicide. Take a look at six problems that the state of Oregon has experienced since assisted suicide became legal 20 years ago: Continue reading

Oregon Health Authority confirms broad access to assisted suicide

Fabian Stahle, a Swedish citizen concerned about proposals to introduce an assisted suicide law in Sweden based on the Oregon model, decided to go straight to the source to find out just how restricted or how broad the Oregon model really is. Continue reading

Doctor support for assisted suicide drops radically after legalisation

A survey of Canadian doctors reveals that the support of medical professionals for assisted suicide drops significantly once the process becomes legal, with most physicians now refusing to participate in the administration of lethal drugs to their patients. Continue reading