AMA President Dr Michael Gannon warns WA not to follow VIC’s lead

In the face of Western Australia’s investigation into end of life choices last week, Australian Medical Association federal president Dr Michal Gannon addressed the state on the topic. Continue reading

Is euthanasia legal in Victoria because of personal experience?

Is it a mistake to see lawmaking on a life or death issue only through a prism of personal experience? Should politicians be required to weigh personal experience against an obligation to protect the most vulnerable in society when considering the laws before them? Continue reading

Dr Death invents suicide machine that doubles as coffin

Dr Philip Nitschke, a vocal advocate for assisted suicide nicknamed “Dr Death,” has designed a suicide machine that gives anyone with a 3D printer the ability to kill themselves. Called the Sarco Capsule, the machine is open-sourced on the internet- meaning anyone with a 3D printer can download plans and construct it. Continue reading

Sydney Geriatrician: 'We do not want or need physician assisted suicide'

Dr John Obeid, a geriatrician in Western Sydney, has voiced his opinion about why assisted suicide should not be an option for his elderly patients. Having cared for thousands of people approaching the end of their lives, he brings a vital perspective to the assisted suicide debate. Continue reading

NSW narrowly defeats assisted suicide legislation

We received great news on 16 November, as the euthanasia bill in NSW was narrowly defeated by a razor-thin margin of 20 votes to 19. The MLCs obviously listened to the serious concerns raised by doctors, lawyers and other professionals about the legislation and voted accordingly. Continue reading

Netherlands violates safeguards in many euthanasia case

Many Australians have expressed their concerns that the latest version of Victoria’s Voluntary Assisted Suicide Bill no longer contains any of the safeguards which were initially promised. However, a new study by the National Institute of Health indicates that in any event, safeguards are not effective once assisted suicide is legalised. Continue reading

Belgian medical experts call for reforms to “very problematic” assisted suicide laws

Last week 43 Belgian psychiatrists, psychologists, and academics published an open letter demanding national debate on the issue of euthanasia and mental illness. These experts in the field state that the current law is too vague, and is resulting in many uncalled-for deaths. Continue reading

Women uniquely at risk for assisted suicide

Advocates for assisted suicide continually cite the importance of individuals having a “choice” to end their lives, but they often overlook the fact that end-of-life decisions are not made in a vacuum. Though there are influences that effect all individuals faced with end-of-life decisions, research is showing that women are especially susceptible to assisted suicide due to multiple factors, otherwise known as “gendered risks.” Continue reading

GP on Assisted Suicide Debate: 'We Have Not Been Fully Engaged'

Despite the fact that the medical community plays an intrinsic part in the administration of end-of-life measures, Victorian politicians have failed to involve them in the debate on the Voluntary Assisted Suicide Bill. There is a callous assumption that physicians will automatically perform such procedures if legalised. Continue reading

Top Barrister Calls Out Victorian MPs on Jettisoning Safeguards

Since the conception of the Victorian Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill, politicians have reassured us that the legislation would contain ‘safeguards’ designed to protect vulnerable Australians from premature termination. However, according to Peter Willis SC, the present copy of the legislation bears no resemblance to the bill initially marketed to Australians. Continue reading