Former PM Paul Keating warns against assisted suicide bills

Former Prime Minister Paul Keating has issued a statement warning against the passage of Victoria’s assisted suicide bill. His remarks apply equally to the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill which is before the New South Wales Legislative Council. Continue reading

Minister for Health wrongly thinks her death Bill is perfect

After a marathon overnight debate, in which the Minister for Health dismissed out of hand each one of the well-thought out amendments proposed to make her Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 just a little bit safer for vulnerable Victorians, it passed the Legislative Assembly 47 votes to 37 on Friday 20 October 2017. Continue reading

Take home lessons from Canada

Candice Lewis is a 25 year old Canadian woman who happens to have cerebral palsy. In September 2016 Candice went to the emergency room at Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital in St. Anthony after having seizures. Dr. Aaron Heroux told her she was very sick and likely to die soon. He offered her assisted suicide. Continue reading

An Open Letter to the Members of Parliament by Australian Palliative Care Professionals

We, the undersigned Australian Palliative Medicine professionals, do not support the introduction of medically assisted suicide or euthanasia in the states of Victoria and New South Wales. We are also writing to address claims made about Palliative Care by assisted suicide advocates, including Mr Andrew Denton, to the public and in the media. We do not intend this response as an attack on Mr Denton, and wish him well with a good recovery in his present illness. Continue reading

Assisted Suicide Poses Disturbing Threat to Disabled Community

Legislation to sanction euthanasia has been introduced in Victoria and New South Wales, and the inevitable effects upon the disabled community are disturbing. Continue reading

Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill: the Death Toll for the Poor & Disabled

Despite what politicians claim, most opposition to euthanasia and assisted suicide is not rooted in religious ideology – it’s rooted in opposition to the legalisation of killing, and the inability to provide sufficient safeguards to ensure society’s most vulnerable are not put at risk. Continue reading

Health Professionals Say NO

From all around Australia, 580 health professionals have signed a statement rejecting assisted suicide and euthanasia, reaffirming the role of doctors, nurses and allied health as saving lives and providing real care and support for those who are suffering. Read their statement below: Continue reading

Leading academic dismisses Victorian committee report and the Ministerial Advisory Panel report on assisted suicide as “deeply flawed” and “superficial”

Professor John Keown, a leading researcher and writer on international euthanasia practice and ethics, has slammed the End of Life Choices report from the Victorian Parliament’s Legal and Social Issues Committee as well as the subsequent Ministerial Advisory Panel’s final report were both “seriously  flawed”. Continue reading

High Court upholds ban on assisted suicide as good public policy

On 5 October 2017 the High Court of Justice in England dismissed a claim by Noel Conway seeking to carve out an exception to the law prohibiting all assisted suicide. Continue reading

Dangers of assisted suicide: the latest data from the State of Washington

Washington State’s Death With Dignity Act, based on Oregon’s, came into operation on 9 March 2009. The latest annual report with data from 2016 was published in September 2017. This latest data confirms that once assisted suicide is legalised use of it increases from year to year, seemingly without limit. Continue reading