Take Action: Western Australia

Inquiry into ‘end-of-life-choices’ in WA – it is really about euthanasia and assisted suicide!

HOPE_Images_August_2017.jpgA renewed push for euthanasia and assisted suicide began in earnest during the last Western Australian election with the Premier voicing support. In March this year, 'Health Minister Roger Cook said he supported voluntary euthanasia. He indicated the Government would not introduce legislation but would support individual MPs' bids to introduce a private member's Bill'

The last time euthanasia was debated in WA was in 2010 in the Upper House where the bill was defeated by a vote of 24 to 11.

In August this year a resolution to establish a Select Committee of both Houses of Parliament was passed. The committee will report no later than August 2018.

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You can visit the committee reference page on the WA Parliament website HERE.

Make no mistake! Even though the motion agreed to does not mention either euthanasia or assisted suicide – and just like a similarly worded reference to a Victorian committee in 2015 – it is all about euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Premier McGowan to The West in June that a committee, “It is a suitable way forward for this matter to be carefully considered.” This should be taken to mean that, almost regardless of the committee’s deliberations, a bill will follow the tabling of the report in late 2018.

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Submissions close on the 23 October 2017.