Queensland MP ready to fight over assisted suicide

“Right is right, even if nobody is right” Continue reading

Pushing back against online doctor shopping

Euthanasia advocates are lobbying for the repeal of a key Commonwealth law that provides safeguards against people being coerced to commit suicide. Continue reading

Forcing faith based hospitals to provide euthanasia

Playing more political games with euthanasia laws, Queensland’s Labor government has once again tried to use the issue to belittle opponents, this time angering faith-based hospital and aged care providers by back flipping on conscientious objection promises. Continue reading

Queensland Deputy Premier admits possibility of wrongful euthanasia deaths

As Queensland MPs get set to debate proposed assisted suicide legislation in September, Deputy Premier Steven Miles has called for them to pass the bill with a “sufficient majority” so it’s “set in stone” in case there is a change of government at the next state election. Continue reading

WA doctors don’t want to kill their patients

Western Australia’s deadly euthanasia and assisted suicide laws come into effect today, but suicide advocates are worried because there aren’t that many doctors and nurses want to be a part of it. Continue reading

Yesterday’s ‘safeguards’ are today’s ‘barriers to access’

Euthanasia activists are pushing to remove safeguards included in Victoria’s euthanasia laws, claiming that doctors are being put off getting involved in the process because of the legalistic and bureaucratic processes imposed by the legislation. Continue reading

MP backflip too little, too late

Western Australia’s deadly euthanasia regime is set to commence next week. Continue reading

NSW resident murders partner, alleges suicide

Northern NSW resident Natasha Beth Darcy has been found guilty of murdering her partner Mathew Dunbar after a jury of 11 declared her guilty on Tuesday. Continue reading

Staff pressured to move palliative patients on

Dr Phillip Lee, the former director of supportive and palliative medicine for the Western Sydney Local Health District has sounded the alarm about the lack of palliative care at Westmead Hospital. Continue reading