A tone deaf return to Auschwitz

also chaired the Belgium Control and Evaluation Commission since euthanasia was legalized in Belgium in 2000 (a commission unique in its inglorious record of never having investigated a single death), is organizing an instructional tour about euthanasia for health care professionals to take place in â�¦ Auschwitz. 

Barbara Kay

This report from 'The Hustings' blog:
Let's say, hypothetically, that nuclear energy was in its infancy, and that you were not only an expert on the practical end of things, having set up and run several installations yourself, but you were also nuclear energy's most public figure on the issue—not just nationally, but internationally—and were eager to communicate your enthusiasm to somewhat skeptical or uninformed leaders in traditional energy fields.
Let's say you decided to hold an instructional conference to which all these potential converts would be invited (along with spouses, and complete with good hotels and fine dining to sweeten the invitation) to reflect on the issues around nuclear energy and to reassure the uncommitted regarding its potential dangers to society.
Where would you hold such a conference? Hiroshima? Fukushima? Three-Mile Island? Chernobyl? Or none of the above? Don't laugh: This is not a trick question.
Dr. Wim Distelmans, who is the leading practitioner of euthanasia in Belgium, and who has
Chilling marks on the walls of Auschwitz Gas Chamber
Yes, that Auschwitz, which Dr Distelmans describes as an "inspiring" venue in which to "clarify confusion about euthanasia."
The words "tone deaf" only scratch the surface of this incredible decision. If there is one parallel in the world that euthanasia proponents want to put themselves at infinite distance from, it is the obscenity of the Holocaust, which, we must never forget, would not have happened if the mass killings had not begun with individual "mercy" killings of the disabled and mentally challenged.
The first disabled child was killed in 1939, then more and, no mass protests having ensued, more. By 1945, 5,000 sick or "idiot" children had been accorded exactly the blessed release from their deficits that constitute the main selling point for the modern euthanasia movement.
Dr Distelmans is no Nazi, nor am I accusing him of nefarious intentions analogous to those that advanced the evils of the Nazi regime. But in his failure to understand his willing association with Auschwitz University, alma mater of Dr. Josef Mengele, Dr Distelmans is displaying a lack of judgment so bizarrely offensive that his judgmental competence in all things should legitimately fall under suspicion.
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