The clock is ticking. 

The ACT Legislative Assembly is on the brink of passing the most expansive and extreme euthanasia laws Australia has seen.

We know what this means: vulnerable people put at risk by a system that makes dying just an option among others.

It’s wrong, it will lead to people dying who don’t need to, and there are no protections that make these laws safe.

But the ACT Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2023 isn’t law yet.

You still have a chance to raise the alarm directly with the Members of the Legislative Assembly who will vote on this Bill.

Sign the open letter now and make your voice heard.

Vulnerable Canberrans are relying on you!

Branka van der Linden
Director, HOPE

Sign the Open Letter

In the coming months, the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2023 will come before the ACT Legislative Assembly.

This bill represents the most extreme and permissive euthanasia and assisted suicide regime in Australia, and one of the most permissive in the world.

Time and again the lessons of legalising euthanasia and assisted suicide are made clear.

The so-called “safeguards” don’t work, the laws only ever become more permissive, and that means vulnerable people are ironically left with less choice because of the external pressures they feel.

As elected representatives of the ACT, you have a duty to the vulnerable people in the Canberra community to look seriously at these proposed laws.

We urge you to reject these laws and focus instead on funding palliative care for every person in the ACT who needs it. We should be killing the pain, not the patients in this city. 

If you will not reject them outright, we urge you to at the very least reject any provisions that take away the rights of health care workers and institutions to conscientiously object to participating in these procedures. 

Health care workers must not be prosecuted or penalised for refusing to help bring about the death of a patient.

This is a serious bill that will have far reaching implications for the ACT. 

We urge you to put a stop to it now. 

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