AMA WA vindicates HOPE's position on Nitschke Death aparatus

  The head of the Western Australian division of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Richard Choong was reported on ABC News
 today as saying he is strongly opposed to Dr Nitschke's product, regardless of whether it is technically legal.
He was referring to the promotion by Dr Nitschke of the 'maxdog brewing' nitrogen kit to deliver an 'undetectable death.'
Six months ago, HOPE director, Paul Russell, made a formal complaint to the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) about these nitrogen death kits. AHPRA's investigation is ongoing.
Dr Choong added  "Any machine that can help you kill yourself can be abused, misused and maliciously used," echoing the comments by HOPE that this whole episode is essentially a public policy and public safety issue.
"It is still breaking legislation, encouraging people to break laws.
"Encouraging people to believe this is an option, that's inappropriate when there are other options available."
For the full ABC website report click HERE.