Article acknowledges 'highly organised' HOPE campaign

 A recent article in   newspaper reported on a new Australia Institute survey claiming that something like 75% of Australians support euthanasia.  If we compare that to recent, long running polls claiming upward of 85% support, then there might be some cause for celebration!  Perhaps not.The Age

The reality remains that a single question poll can never give an accurate reflection on the opinion of Australians on this subject for a number of sound reasons.  It is also worth noting that the poll question referred to in the article was much like that of recent Morgan polls: it does not describe the act of euthanasia accurately nor does it reflect upon any particular legislative outcome.

The article goes on to quote a number of pro-euthanasia sources.  In addition to the 'usual suspects', SA Greens MLC, Tammy Franks, offers the following candid assessment of the debate in South Australia last November:

SA Greens MP Tammy Franks said the defeat of a bill last November followed a highly organised and well-resourced campaign by conservatives working together across party, religious, and even state lines.

"Until the voluntary euthanasia side is able to compete with such a highly organised campaign machine we are going to struggle to have the majority voice heard," she said.

Readers will no doubt agree that it is rare to find a campaigner on the other side of a debate make such an acknowledgement.  So, thank you Tammy Franks.

At HOPE, we'd really like to be as well resourced as claimed.  Maybe you can help?

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