Australia & New Zealand Palliative Medicine Society adopt position against euthanasia & assisted suicide

31st October The Australia & New Zealand Society of Palliative Medicine

(ANZSPM) have adopted a formal position in opposition to euthanasia & assisted suicide.
This is a new position statement for the Trans-Tasman body - a most welcome initiative. The position was adopted by a ballot with a 'decisive majority' supporting the statement.
The statement itself is nothing startling, in as much as it restates the World Medical Association's position as well as the traditional medical wording of opposition to both euthanasia & assisted suicide that exists in other societies and medical bodies.
The statement says:

The Palliative Medicine discipline does not include the practice of euthanasia or assisted suicide. ANZSPM activities are limited to the Palliative Medicine discipline. 

There is a clear distinction between good care for the dying and active interventions instituted in order to deliberately end the life of a patient. 

ANZSPM also note the very real concerns for both Australia and New Zealand in the lack of equity of access to quality palliative care services:

ANZSPM acknowledges the significant deficits in the provision of palliative care in Australia and New Zealand, especially for patients with non-malignant life limiting illnesses, those who live in rural and remote areas, residents of Residential Aged Care Facilities, the indigenous populations and those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

You can read the statement in full HERE