Beer Bucket List - a dangerous brew

  Readers will recall the stories and my comments a few weeks ago about Philip Nitschke and Exit International's new death scheme, providing hypoxic (suffocation) death using nitrogen. 
Last Saturday, a short news item appeared in the NTNews has Dr. Nitschke saying that his use of nitrogen is for beer making (an honourable and worthwhile hobby, no doubt).
Nitschke had earlier claimed in the Herald Sun newspaper that he had already supplied 50 helium cylinders to ' customers' and that his second order of 100 had also been pre-sold. That's a lot of beer making.
At a stretch, one might concede the possibility that a purchaser might use his or her nitrogen to brew up a batch of pale ale for those long summer afternoons, but Nitschke's commentary over the last few months in his Exit newsletters tell a different story - especially the mention of an Exit - designed flow-regulator attachment - not required for brewing, but seemingly necessary to ensure the correct flow rate into the bag around one's head.

The NTNews article says it all, really: But Exit's November newsletter openly advertises euthanasia with the Max Dog Brewing cylinders as "100 per cent lawful and undetectable".
A generous summary would point to the fact that it is at the very least foreseeable that these contraptions would be used for suicide. This shows at the very least a reckless indifference to the possibility of abuse.