Belgium introduces death penalty for minors. It is called 'Euthanasia'

European human rights lawyer J.C. von Krempach writes: (from the blog )Turtle Bay and Beyond

'This is a serious human-rights crisis'
The Belgian Senate
The culture of death, which is bound to lead to the self-destruction of any society that adopts it, is making great strides in Europe. The latest development is that the Belgian Senate has voted in favour of a new bill that extends the legalisation of "euthanasia" to minors. There is no lower age limit, nor is it a requirement for the victims of those so-called "mercy-killings" to have asked for such "mercy"
Instead, the basis for killing these children is the choice they hypothetically would make if they only understood their condition. In reality, however, they will be killed either at the request of their parents, or may be even (for example if the parents are unavailable, or if they unable or unwilling to make such a request) at the initiative of a public administrative body. In other words, this is a death penalty without trial, without criminal charges, without a right to defence.
250px-Alkoven Schloss Hartheim 2005-08-18 3589-150x150
Hartheim Castle (Austria): this is the place where the Nazis ran their "euthanasia" program to eliminate sick and handicapped persons (described as "lebensunwert", i.e. unworthy to live). The program was an important test run for the Holocaust.
The measure affects all who suffer from "incurable sicknesses", including persons who are mentally handicapped.
This is exactly how the Holocaust started in Nazi Germany.

With this new law, Belgium has returned to the lack of civilization that prevailed at the dark ages when the country was not yet Christianised. Will it ever be able to recover from this incredible civilizational downfall?

P.S.: 11 persons who silently and peacefully protested against this new law in front of the Senate's seat were arrested by the police. The crack-down on human rights and the crack-down on democracy go hand in hand.
This is a serious human-rights crisis, and I just wonder how EU Commissioner Reding, who thinks of herself as the supreme guardian of "European values", will react. But most probably she will do nothing. She is not interested in real human rights issues.