De Morgen: Tom Mortier replies

Yesterday I wrote about the nasty attack staged in the Belgian De Morgen newspaper by Bernheim and Vermeersch. 

Today, Tom Mortier shares his thoughts on the personal attack on him in De Morgen:

The Flemish newspaper De Morgen has been discrediting me for three years now.

Today this newspaper gave Bernheim & Vermeersch the opportunity to publish an ad hominem viewpoint where they show no empathy at all and where they attack me enormously.

I have never spoken with these two people although I have questioned the work of Bernheim in the scientific literature because I don't think that what he has published is a good example of true science. And yes, I do think now that Vermeersch is not practicing scientific thinking. He has no other arguments than to attack me personally without ever having had a conversation with me.

From now on, I will continue to question these nihilistic thinkers who can't bear criticism and I will continue to ask questions about what's truly happening in my country.

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