Disability Advocates join call for Exit Inquiry

Australian Disability Advocacy group Lives Worth Living weighed in on the news, yesterday, concerning the medical board of Australia's decision to severely restrict Dr Nitschke's affilliation with the work of Exit International, by joining the call of an Inquiry. 

LWL Convener Craig Wallace said today, that, "LWL welcomes the heavy restrictions placed on Dr. Nitschke. They highlight the need to protect all Australians from coercion to commit suicide, especially people with disabilities. Australians with disabilities face a lack of support, including specifically designed suicide prevention programs." 

"Despite the decision, the threat is not over. There now needs to be a Parliamentary Inquiry into the actions of Exit International. The restrictions placed on Dr. Nitschke raise real questions about the role and work of Exit International in coaching people towards suicide through online forums as evidence in the tragic events reported last year", Mr. Wallace said.

This echoes the call made yesterday by HOPE for the substance of the 12 complaints made to the medical board to be made public through an inquiry process.

"Doctors and others must listen carefully to the concerns of people with disabilities, who often face uncertainty and barriers in our lives. Encouraging suicide is not the answer. Better support is", Mr Wallace said.

You can read LWL's full press release HERE.

YOU CAN HELP! Sign the petition for an Inquiry! Click HERE for more details.