Elderly Belgian couple die together - euthanasia for social reasons

The Daily Belgian News  Het Nieuwsblad.be is reporting the death of an elderly Belgian couple who died together by euthanasia in the last few days.
The report was entirely un-critical of their actions, seemingly celebrating their decision.
From the Huffington Post:

Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad reports Leopold Dauwe, 90, and Paula Raman, 89, were euthanized Monday, surrounded by their children and grandchildren. The husband and wife, who had known each other for 70 years and were married for 64 years, said neither could envision a life without the other.

Both had significant health issues:

Dirk Uyttendaele, the couple's son-in-law, told DeStandaard that his relatives were severely ill and that there was no treatment available. Raman was suffering from heart problems and Dauwe was slowly turning blind and had a lung condition. 

elgian-euthanasia-couple-300x199These scant details make it hard to judge the severity of the couples individual medical conditions. However, from the rest of the report it can be concluded that at least one of them was not terminally ill at the time.
This development comes at a time when the Belgian parliament is debating extending euthanasia to dementia patients, and to children. In the case of children, the debate seeks to recognise and factor in the distress and difficulty faced by the parents as a reason to kill.
The family's comments on the De Standard website bell the cat:

In October they moved to the nursing home. "My mother became more and more helpless. She had a serious heart problem. My father was slowly blind and had a severe lung disease, it was not feasible to provide (for) them. "

In January, twin Belgian brothers were also euthanased together.
It is clear, now, that the Belgians have come to accept a broadening of their laws to include euthanasia for social reasons. The aging couple did not want to live without each other; their family did not want to provide care; parents of disabled children face difficulties raising their children, the twins were inseparable.
This is out of control. Reaching this point after only 10 years of the operation of the law.