euthanasia debate intensifying in South Australia - Bob Such responds to HOPE

  As debate on The Hon Bob Such's Ending Life with Dignity Bill 2013 continues in the lower house of the South Australian parliament, the trading in correspondence is intensifying. 
The Hon Bob Such himself entered the fray today in an emotion-laden letter to his colleagues. He was responding to the fact that HOPE had delivered a copy of Alex Schadenberg's book, Exposing Vulnerable People to Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide to all South Australian MPs. As well he might. Alex's book makes it clear that vulnerable people are at risk from such legislation with the effective conclusion that legislation can never remove this possibility.
Yet Such ignores these points and simply restates his position talking about 'choice' and about people in 'screaming agony'.
Such also says that HOPE is a 'church-linked' group. For the record, HOPE is not affiliated with or attached to any church or church group. It doesn't matter what people believe or don't believe, anyone who opposes euthanasia is welcome! It might come as a surprise to Mr Such to realize that most churches oppose euthanasia and, perhaps even a greater surprise to note that, because we share the same ends in this matter, that I am in contact with some churches on occasion!
Of course, Mr Such would be aware that this kind of 'link' does exist, but his point was clearly to use his comment as a pejorative, as some sort of smear; because later in his letter he states that, 'Imposing our own personal or religious views on others has no place in a Parliament'. Quite right Mr Such.
An ad hominem attempt to discredit HOPE and Alex's book by association might fit with some people's ethical framework - but MPs, one would hope, will see through that and look to what is said - not who is saying it.
Such might have a point if, indeed, Alex's book or anything that HOPE has argued to members of parliament or on our website or in our blogs had any reference at all to a tenet of any church. Search as he might, there are no religious arguments! Why? Because, we do respect the fact that our elected representatives charged with the grave task of making a decision Yeah or Nay on this matter, will want to weigh the evidence; to consider the 'common good'.