Euthanasia of babies with disability


By Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

CBC news reported that a Czech government advisor was forced to resign because he is promoting euthanasia for babies with disabilities.

The article stated that Miroslav Mitloehner was published in the Journal of Medical Law and Bioethics, promoting the concept that:

"it makes no sense to prolong the life of a baby born as a monster."

The article stated that:

Mitloehner called children with disabilities "freaks" and questioned whether they are human beings. He said doctors should be allowed to terminate their life without parents' consent.

Vaclav Krasa, the chairman of a major organization of people with disabilities was reported to have called the views unacceptable, comparing them to "Nazi thinking."

The article stated that Mitloehner was fired from the post of director of the Institute of Social Work at Hradec Kralove University and from the Labor Ministry's scientific council. Philosophy professor, Peter Singer, and Canadian bioethicist Udo Schuklenk advocate for the killing of babies with disabilities and other philosophers and bioethicists consider the euthanasia of people with cognitive disabilities, including newborns, to be worthy of debate.

A new eugenic ideology is being promoted by the "intelligensia" that considers certain human beings to be non-humans and not worthy of legal protection. The euthanasia movement claims to only promote voluntary euthanasia, but the laws and experience with euthanasia would indicate otherwise.

In the Netherlands and Belgium, where euthanasia is legal, children and babies with disabilities are being euthanized. Several studies have also uncovered a significant problem with euthanasia that is being done without request.

Euthanasia has also been extended to people with depression and people with dementia.

Once a society accepts that there are certain lives that are not worth living, the only question that remains is who's lives are not worthy of life.