Extreme laws dismantle the time-honoured ethic of life

Whether it's laws targeting the unborn, or the frail and elderly terminally ill, anti-life politicians in Australia show no signs of slowing down their relentless push to dismantle time honoured laws that have served to protect society’s most vulnerable over hundreds of years.

The latest of these is Queensland Labor Deputy Premier Steven Miles, who has put on his campaigner hat and written to the British Parliament, urging them to follow Queensland’s lead and legalise euthanasia and assisted suicide.

He has offered campaign advice to the parliament on the most effective way to get these extreme laws through; including avoiding the use of terms such as “euthanasia” or “suicide”, and ensuring  a “well-resourced palliative care scheme”.

With the Queensland scheme having only commenced on 1 January this year, it is highly questionable whether Mr Miles is in a position to encourage others to follow Queensland’s lead – when the true impact upon the vulnerable in the state is yet to be realised.

Proposals for assisted suicide bills have failed twelve times in the UK parliaments since 1997.

You would think that euthanasia enthusiasts would get the message after having their legislation rejected so many times.

And yet, these anti-life campaigners have shown themselves to be relentless, following the same playbook time and again. The content is the same, the process is the same, the end goal is the same.

They have shown themselves willing to stop at nothing in their bid to dismantle life-affirming laws that protect society’s most vulnerable, including the unborn and the terminally ill.

Laws which have stood the test of time and create a line in the sand against the reckless devaluing of human life.

The government in Queensland, under the leadership of Annastacia Palaszczuk and Steven Miles, has ushered in extreme anti-life laws during its previous term of government, including removing restrictions on abortion up to birth, and euthanasia and assisted suicide laws, which go as far as forcing religious hospitals and residential aged care services to provide euthanasia on their premises.

It is no surprise they are campaigning to bring in such anti-life laws in other jurisdictions as well.

It’s time we start pushing back the same way and restore a culture of life.