Health Professionals Say NO


From all around Australia, 580 health professionals have signed a statement rejecting assisted suicide and euthanasia, reaffirming the role of doctors, nurses and allied health as saving lives and providing real care and support for those who are suffering.

Read their statement below:

We endorse the views of the World Medical Association that physician assisted suicide and euthanasia are unethical, even if made legal. We endorse the Australian Medical Association position that "doctors should not be involved in interventions that have as their primary intention the ending of a person’s life."
We also endorse the World Health Organisation definition of Palliative Care, which has been re-affirmed by the Australia & New Zealand Society of Palliative Medicine, that Palliative Care aims to deliver impeccable holistic and person centred care without the aim of foreshortening life.
We are committed to the concept of death with dignity and comfort, including the provision of effective pain relief and excellence in Palliative Care.
We uphold the right of a patient to decline treatment.
We know that the provision of pain relief, even if it may unintentionally hasten death of the patient, is ethical and legal. Equally the withdrawal or withholding of futile treatment in favour of Palliative Care is also ethical and legal.
We believe that crossing the line to intentionally assist a person to suicide would fundamentally weaken the doctor-patient relationship, which is based on trust and respect. The power of the clinician/patient relationship cannot be over-estimated.
We are especially concerned with protecting vulnerable people who can feel they have become a burden to others, and are committed to supporting those who find their own life situations a heavy burden. We believe such laws would undermine the public perception of the dignity and value of human life in all its different stages and conditions. Government focus should be on the compassionate and equitable provision of Social Services, Health Care and Palliative Care.
Doctors and Healthcare Professionals are not necessary for the legalisation or practice of assisted suicide. Their involvement is being sought only to provide a cloak of medical legitimacy. Leave doctors, nurses and allied health professionals to focus on saving lives and providing real care and support for those who are suffering. 


Name                          Qualification                   Position                  State/Territory

Prof David Kissane, MBBS MPM MD FRANZCP FAChPM FAPM,  Clinical Head Psychiatry, Lecturer, Psychoncologist, VIC
Dr Roger Woodruff MBBS FRACP FAChPM, Oncologist/Palliative Medicine Physician, Clinical Head, Lecturer, Board Member IAHPC, VIC
Dr Maria Cigolini, MBBS FRACGP FAChPM Grad.DipPallMed,Palliative Medicine Specialist, Clinical Head, Lecturer, NSW
Dr Megan Best, PhD, BMed(Hons), MAAE, ClinDipPallMed, Palliative Care Doctor, Research Fellow, Lecturer, NSW
Prof Rod Macleod, MNZM MB ChB MMed FAChPM FRCGP Palliative Medicine Specialist, Clinical Head, Lecturer, Health Sector Head, NSW
Ms Suzanne Greenwood,  LLM LLB FAIM MAICD MCHSM, Health Sector CEO, ACT
Prof Doug Bridge, BMedSc (Hons) MBBS FRACP FRCP FAChPM DTM&H, Palliative Medicine Physician, Clinical Head Lecturer, WA
Prof John MurtaghAM, MD BSc BEd FRACGP DipRCOG, Prof of General Practice, VIC
Prof Ian Olver, MD, PhD Professor, Director Health Research, Lecturer, Health Sector Leader, SA
Dr Peter Coleman, MBBS BSc FRACGP, Palliative Care Doctor, NSW
Dr Peter Ravenscroft, MD FRACP FFPMANZCA FAChPM , Palliaitive & Pain Medicine Physician, NSW
Dr John Buchanan, MBBS MMed DPM FRACP FRANZCP, Psychiatrist, Clinical Leader, VIC
Dr Martin Kennedy, MBBS FAFRM FFPMANZCA FAChPM, Palliative Medicine Specialist, Director Rehabilitation & Aged Care, NSW
Dr Marion Harris, MBBS FRACP, Medical Oncologist, VIC
Dr Louise Halliday, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, NSW
Dr John Quinlan, FAFRM MA(Ethics), Rehabilitation Specialist, Medical Ethicist, NSW
Assoc/Prof Charbel Sandroussi, MBBS MMSc, FRACS, Cancer Surgeon, Clinical Head, Lecturer, NSW
Assoc/Prof Josephine Clayton, MBBS PhD FRACP FAChPM, Palliative Medicine Physician, Research Head, Lecturer, NSW
Prof Melanie Lovell, MBBS, PhD, FRACP, FAChPM Palliative Care Physician, Clinical Head, NSW
Dr Anthony Herbert, MBBS FRACP FAChPM B Med Sci, Researcher, Lecturer, Director of Paediatric Palliative Care Service, QLD
Dr Kate Smyth, MBBS FANZCA, Consultant Anaesthetist, NSW
Prof Peter Joseph,  AM FAMA FRACGP, Past President or Member RACGP/AMASA/AHEC, Dep.ChairCPMC,ChairNHMRCOrgan Transplant, Lecturer, Rural Medicine, SA
Prof Katherine Clark, MBBS MED PhD FRACP FAChPM, Clinical Conjoint Prof University of Sydney, Clinical Director Pall Care, NSW
Dr Patricia Chan, MBBS, MMed (Clin Epi), PhD, NSW
A/Prof Timothy Kleinig, PhD FRACP MBBS (Hons) BA, Neurologist, Clinical Head, Lecturer, SA
Dr Joseph V Turner, MBBS BMedSc(Hons) PhD DRANZCOG(Adv) FRACGP FARGP FACRRM, Rural Medicine, Lecturer, NSW, QLD
A/Prof Leeroy William, BSc (Hons) MBBS MRCGP MSc FAChPM, Palliative Medicine Specialist, Lecturer, VIC
Dr Angela Chang, MBBS FRACGP General Practitioner, NSW
Assoc/Prof Joel Rhee, BSc(Med) MBBS(Hons) GCULT PhD FRACGP, General Practitioner, Lecturer, NSW
Dr Alan Oloffs, FRACP FAChPM MD BSc,  Palliative Medicine Physician, Head of Supportive and Palliative Care, NSW
Dr David Bell, MBBS, FRACP, Oncologoist, NSW
Dr James Gallagher, BMed BmedSci FRACS, Surgeon, NSW
Dr Rosemary Isaacs, MBBS FFCFM (RCPA) FRACGP, Forensic Physician, NSW
Prof Louise Bauer, AM, BSc(Med), MBBS (Hons), PhD, FRACP, FAHMS. Paediatrician, Professor and Head of Child & Adolescent Health, Lecturer, NSW
Dr Scott King,  MBBS, FRACGP, FAChPM, AFRACMA, Clinical Director of Palliative Care, VIC
Prof Geoffrey Mitchell, Professor of General Practice and Palliative Care, Lecturer, QLD
Dr John McEnroe, OAM MBBS FRACGP , General Practitioner, VIC
Prof Graeme Clark, AC FAA FRS FTSE MS FRCS (Edin,Eng) FRACS (Hon) FRCS (Hon) MD, Academic, Surgeon, Lecturer, VIC
Dr Shirley Prager,MBBS FRANZCP, Psychiatrist, VIC
Dr Mirrilee Back, MBBcH UK FRCGP, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Louis Christie, FACEM FACRRM ClinDipPallMed, Palliative Care Doctor, NSW
Dr Derek Eng, MBBS FRACP FAChPM - Palliative Care Physician, WA
Dr Paul Kleinig, B.App.Sc(OccTher) BMBS FRACP FRAChPM, Palliative Care Physician, SA
Dr Robert Claxton, FRACS FRCS FRCSEd, Admin Head of Surgery, NSW
Dr Rusell Clark, AM FRACP DTM&H,  Diretor Geriatric Medicine, Senior Lecturer, NSW
Dr Diane Grocott, MBBS FRANZCP, Psychiatrist, VIC
Dr Catherine Hollier, MBBS FRACGP General Practitioner, NSW
Dr Riona Pais, MBBS FRACP FRAChPM, Palliative Medicine Physician, NSW
Dr Lynnette Yap, MBBS FRACGP MPHC, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Tanya Maya Jones, BSc BMBS FRACGP ClinDipPallMed, Palliative Care Doctor, NT
Dr Sarah Wenham, MB ChB MRCP FRACP FAChPM, Palliative Medicine Physician, Clinical Head, NSW
Dr Mary Stavralopoulou, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Stephen Shiny, MBBS, Palliative Medicine Advanced Trainee, VIC
Dr Peter Roach, MBBS, FRACGP, Palliative Medicine Advanced Trainee, NSW
Dr Peter Finlayson, MBBS BSc(Med) MHA FRACMA FACRRM AFACHSM, Rural Medicine Doctor, NSW
Dr Kevin Eng, MBBS FRACGP , General Practitioner, WA
Prof Patrina Caldwell, MBBS FRACP, Paediatrician and Lecturer, NSW
A/Prof Mel Cusi, MBBS, FACSP, FFSEM (UK), PhD. Associate Professor, NSW
Prof Gerald Fogarty, MBBS FRANZCR PhD, Radiation Oncologist, Clinical Head, Lecturer, NSW
A/Prof Paul Wrigley,  MBBS MMed PhD FANZCA FFPMANZCA, Pain Medicine Physician, NSW
Dr Elizabeth Brown, MBBS FRACP, Respiratory Physician, NSW
Dr David Holford, MBBS DipRACOG MPHTM, General Practitioner NSW
Dr Wendy Falloon, B.MedSci MBBS DA (UK) FANZCA , Consultant Anaesthetist, TAS
Dr Michael Stone, B Med Sc MBBS(Hons) MMed PGDipEcho FANZCA FFPMANZCA, Pain Medicine Physician, NSW
Dr Kim Caldwell, MBBS MRCP, Palliative Medicine Advanced Trainee, NSW
Dr Hong Nguyen, MBBS BMEDSCI FRACGP, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Alice Phua, MBBS FAChPM, Palliative Care Consultant, WA
Prof Philip Siddall, MBBS PhD FFPMANZCA, Conjoint Professor and Specialist Physician in Pain Medicine, NSW
Dr Hoa Pham, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, WA
Ms Elizabeth Harris, BS RN, Clinical Nurse Specialist Palliative Care, NSW
Dr Shawna Koh, BS MBChB FRACP FRChPM, Palliative Physician, NSW
Dr Debra Louise Chandler, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, TAS
Dr Angela Wang, MBBS, FRACGP, General Practitioner, NSW
Dr Ivan Stratov, MBBS FRACP PhD, Infectious Diseases Physician
Ms Jacqui White, Bachelor Social Work, Masters Womens Health, VIC
Dr Adrian Dabscheck,  MBBS Grad.DipPallMed, Cert Clinical Teaching, Palliative Medicine Specialists, VIC 
Ms Janette Moody, Health Sector CEO, VIC
Ms Rachel Davy, RN, Registered Nurse and Midwife, NSW
Dr Lynn Lim, MBBS FRACP FAChP, Palliative Medicine Physician, NSW
Ms Kylie Draper, RN(Div1), Registered Nurse, VIC
Dr Helen Lord, MB BS MPHC FAChPM, General Practitioner and Palliative Medicine Specialist, TAS
Dr Judith McEinery, MBBS FAChPM,  Palliative Medicine Specialist, QLD
MS Mary Beaumont, RN, Registered Nurse, VIC
Dr Same Younan, MBBS FRANZCP, Psychiatrist, NSW
Ms Mary Ticinovic, M Psychology(Clin) BPsychology(Hons), Psychologist, NSW
Mr Andrew Goff, RN Dip.Nursing Dip.Specialist Palliative Care, VIC
Dr Kenneth Simpson, MBBS, MRACGP, General Practitioner, NSW
Ms Helen Morris, EN, Nurse, VIC
Dr Susan Armstrong, MB BS, General Practitioner, NSW
Dr Brett Hurley, MBBS, Resident Medical Officer, NSW
Dr Mark Morton, MBBS FRACP, General Physician, SA
Ms Justine O'Connell, Qualified Sonographer, NSW
Ms Particia Wesslink, B Nursing, Grad.CertICU Nursing, Registered Nurse, QLD
Ms Randa Abdelsayed, BSc MPsychology & MAPS, Psychologist, NSW
Ms Angela Rudock, BachPsychology BachHumanServices, Psychologist, VIC
Dr Judith Nall-Bird, MSc MBBS DCH FRACGP, General Practitioner, NSW
Mr Andrew Sloane, MBBS, ThD/Lecturer and Ethicist, NSW
Dr Jillian Collins, MBBS, General Practitioner, NSW
Dr Hayley Thomas, BSc, MBBS, DCH, General Practitioner, QLD
Ms Ainsley Poulos, Ba App Sc (Speech Pathology), Speech Pathologist, NSW
Ms Kia Foord, RN, Nurse Practice Manager, NSW
Dr Lucy van Baalan, B.Med FRACGP FAMAC, General Practitioner, NSW
Dr Thomas Sing, MBBS. RANZCR, Radiologist, NSW
Dr Stephanie Kirk, BMed, Medical Practitioner, NSW
Dr Kelly Peterson, MBBS HlthSc(Hons)  Dip.CH, Medical Practitioner, NSW
Dr Laura Dunstan, BMed/MD, BSc(Hons), Medical Practitioner, NSW
Dr David Kardachi, B.Med.,B.Sc(Hons), Medical Practitioner, NSW
Dr Lachlan Dunjey, MBBS FRACGP DObstRCOG, Genial Practitioner, WA
Dr My Le Trinh, MBBS FRACGP DCH, General Practitioner, NSW
Dr Irmgard Pascoe, B.Med FRACGP, General Practitioner , NSW
Dr Alice Lac, MBBS (Hons) FRACP, Geriatrician, VIC
Dr Margaret Graham, MBBS FRANZCP, Psychiatrist, VIC
Dr Patricia Treston, MBBS MPHC FAChPM, Palliative Medicine Specialist, QLD
Dr Keith Hogan, MBBS FRACP FAChPM, Palliative Physician, VIC
Dr James Wong, MBBS, FRACP, Cardiologist, NSW
Ms Rebecca Spring, Medical Student, NSW
Ms Tamara Kronk BNSc RN, Nurse, QLD
Dr Kim Boaz, MD, Resident Medical Officer, VIC
Dr Phillips Harris, MBBS FRACGP DCH, General Practitioner, SA
Dr Giselle Kidson-Gerber, MBBS, FRACP, FRCPA, Pathologist, NSW
Dr Richard Lord, MBBS FRACGP DRANZCOG, General Practitioner, TAS
Ms Alice Kean, Medical Student, SA
Dr Vincent Lee, MBBS, FRACGP General Practitioner, QLD
Ms Caroline Early, B Pharmacy, Pharmacist, SA
Dr Christopher Benness, MBBS MD FRCOG FRANZCOG CU, Gynacologist, NSW
Dr James Zhang, MBBS PHD Student Conjoint Lecturer, NSW
Dr Annette Britton, MBBS, FRACP, Geriatrician, NSW
Dr Simon Gerber, BScMed MBBS (Hons) FRACGP, General Practitioner, NSW
Dr John Best, BMed FACSEP, Medical Practitioner, NSW
Dr Peter Barclay, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner , NSW
Dr Andrew Browning,  FRCOG FRANZCOG (Hon), Gynacologist, NSW
Dr Rebecca Ling, MBBS GP Registrar, NSW
Dr Zoe Willett, MBBS, BMedSci, Medical Practitioner, NSW
Dr John Wenham, MB ChB DCH DRCOG DIpHSM MRCGP FRACGP, Rural Medicine, NSW
Dr Eve McClure, MBBS, FRACP, Geriatrician, NSW
Dr Joanna Barlow, MBBS DPM FRANZCP, Psychiatrist, NSW
Dr Rhys Morgan, MBBS (Hons) FANZCA, Consultant Anaesthetist, QLD
Dr Ian Jones, MBBS FACRRM DipRACOG, Rural Medicine, General Practitioner, VIC
Ms Cathy Hayes, RN, Nurse, VIC
Dr Rachel Chan Moy Fat, BMed MD, Medical Officer, NSW
Ms Christine Ferguson, RN, Nurse, VIC
Dr Julian Chew, B.MedSci (Hons) MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, NSW
Mr Danny Ford, Health Service Pastoral Care Coordinator, NSW
Dr Paul Mercer, MBBS FRACAP DIPRACOG, General Practitioner, QLD
Dr Aet Jaosoo Lees, BSc(Med) MB,BS, MD FRACP BA, Endocrinologist, NSW
Dr William Warr, MBBS FRACGP FASMF, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Nicole Hutchins, MBBS, Resident Medical Officer, TAS
Dr Bruce Hayes, MBBS FRACP MPH&TM, Physician, Public Health, QLD
Ms Joanne Jarlett, Health Service Chaplain, VIC
Dr Janine Morrow, MBBS, GP Registrar, QLD
Ms Lois Lois Haultain, BA (Hons), Senior Healthcare Pastoral Care Coordinator, NSW
Ms Amanda Cox, Occupational Therapist, NSW
Ms Kate Willis, MBBS BAppSc (Physiotherapy), Physiotherapist, Medical Practitioner, NSW
Dr Ross Simpson, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, NSW
Dr Graham Toohill, MBBS FRACGP DObs RCOG DObs RANZCO&G DTM&H, Medical Practitioner, VIC
Ms Sue Love, Health Service Cahplain, NSW
Dr Geoffrey Francis, MB BS DObstRCOG FRACGP, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Christopher Bennes, MBBS MD FRCOG FRANZCOG CU, Gynacologist, NSW
Dr Mary McNulty, MBBS FAChPM, Palliative Medicine Specialist, WA
Mr Jo Manouk, BMin,GradDipCounselling,Health Service Pastoral Care Coordinator, NSW
Dr Nancy Nicholas, MBBS, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Jane Taylor's, MBBS, Medical Practitioner, ACT
Dr Yi-An Neoh, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, SA
Dr James Ward, MBBS, B Lib Stud ThC, Medical Practitioner, NSW
Mr Grant Murray, Health Service Pastoral Care, NSW
Dr Lesleigh Sands, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, QLD
Ms Debbie Johnson, Health Services Pastoral Care Co-Ordinator, NSW
Dr Yvonne McMaster, MBBS FAChPM, Palliative Medicine Doctor and Network Leader, NSW
Dr Ester Koh, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr David Knight, MB BS FRCOG FRANZCOG FRACGP, General Practitioner, ACT
Dr Andrew Hart, MBBS FRACP FAChPM, Palliative Medicine Physician, WA
Dr Nathan Grills, Public Health Physician, VIC
Dr Ann Taylor, MBBS FRACP FAChPM, Palliative Medicine Physician, SA
Dr Rena Ng, MBBS, Resident Medical Officer, NSW
Dr John York, MD FRACP FRCP,Grad.Dip.Couns. Physician, NSW
Dr Michael Peterson, MB BS (Hons) DRACOG, General Practitioner, NSW
Mr Tony McGriffin, Medical Student, QLD
Dr Amanda Howard, BMBS FRACGP DRANZCOG DCH, General Practitioner, ACT
Ms Hannah Watts, Medical Student, WA
Ms Vichaya Champreeda, Medical Student, VIC
Dr Anil Tandon, MBBS FRACP FAChPM, Palliative Medicine Physician, WA
Mr/Rev Peter Archer, Ordained Pastoral Health Care Officer, NSW
Ms Meridith Hatcher, Physiotherapist/Healthcare Pastoral Care Officer, NSW
Ms Judy Douglas, RN, Nurse, NSW
Dr Hugh Pearson, MBBS, Resident Medical Officer, NSW
Dr Sara Fraser, MBBS, Senior Health Officer, QLD
Dr John Oakley, MBBS, General Practitioner, NSW
Dr Nathan Combs, MBBS, GP Register, General Practitioner, WA
Dr Andrew Browning, FRCOG FRANZCOG (Hon), Gynacologist, NSW
Dr Henry Vo, BMed MD BSc(Med)Hons, Medical Practitioner , NSW
Dr Lawrence Simpson, OAM MD BS FCCP FRACS, Thoracic Surgeon, VIC
Dr Richard Shawyer, MB BS MTH, Medical Practitioner, VIC
Ms Donna Hanlan, Health Sector, Pastoral Care Coordinator, NSW
Dr Sylvia Leung, MBBS Dip Paed FRACP FHKAM (Paed) FHKCPaed, Paediatrician, NSW
Dr Doug Utley,  MB BS FRACGP, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Gerald Gleeson, STB MA PhD, Health Sector Bioethicist, NSW
Dr Phillip Andrew, BSc (Hons) MB BS (Hons) FRACGP FACTM FWACP, General Practitioner, Tasmania
Mr Richard Travender, Adv Dip Past.Ministry Grad.Counseling, Pastoral Care Coordinator Aged Care and Palliative Care, NSW
Ms Liane Lee, BPharm GradDipEd, Educator, Pharmacist, WA
Dr Christopher Williames, MBBS DCH,  GP Registrar, VIC
Dr Corey Cunningham, MBBS FRACGP FACSEP, Exercise and Sports Medicine Physician, NSW
Ms Kerrie Jackson, Health Care Sector pastoral Care Coordinator, NSW
Dr Lucy Woodhouse, BachelorMedicalStudies MD, General Practice Registrar, NSW
Dr Jade Schroers, MBBS, Physician Trainee/Registrar, NSW
Dr Cheuk Lam, Medical Student, NSW
Dr  Annmarie Hosie, RN PhD, Palliative Care Nurse, Researcher and Educator, NSW
Dr Richard Wong, MB BS BSc(Med) FRACGP DCH DRANZCOG, General Practitioner. QLD
Dr Alsion Walsh, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, VIC
Ms Anna Baker, Registered Midwife/Registered Nurse, QLD
Dr Alice Schroers, MBBS, Intensive Care Senior Resident Medical Officer, NSW
Dr Michelle Huang, MBBS, General Practice Registrar, NSW
Mr Richard Sadig, Medical Student, NSW
Dr Felicity Wild, MBBS, General Practitioner, WA
Dr Mark Yates, FRACP, Geriatrician, VIC
Dr Peter Selvaratnam, PhD(MedAnatomy) FACP, Physiotherapist, VIC
Dr Winnie Chen, MBBS, GP Registrar, NT
Dr Jane Thompson, MBBS DipObs ,General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Isabelle D’Souza, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, WA
Dr Terrence Middleton, MBBS DipRACOG FRACGP, General Practitioner, WA
Dr Stephanie Isaac, BMedSc(Hons) Univ. Medal. MD, Medical Intern, NSW
Dr Ruth Redpath, FRCS FRCR DMedSci(Hons), Oncologist, VIC
Ms Joanna Blades, Medical Student, WA
Dr Joseph Thomas, MBBS MD FRANZCOG CMFM DDU, Gynacologist, QLD
Dr David Sturrock, MBBS FRANZCP, Psychiatrist, NSW
Dr Paul Neeskens, MBBS, General Practitioner, QLD
Dr Roger Steer, MBBS, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Thalia Shuttleworth, MBBS FRANZCO, Opthalmologist, NSW
Dr Bernadette Wilks, MBBS, Anaesthetics Registrar, VIC
Dr Jill Howard, MBBS, GP, QLD
Dr Michael Shanahan, MBBS FRACS, WA
Dr Robert Pollnitiz, MBBS FRACP, Paediatrician, SA
Dr Yong Yau Paul Chia, MBBS FRACP, General Physician, Lecturer, TAS
Dr David Ven Gend, MBBS FRACGP, DipPallMed, Senior Lecturer in Pall Med, QLD
Dr Julene Haack, MBBS(Hons1) Dip RANZCOG FRACGP, General Practitioner, QLD
Dr Lee-Anne Gray, MBBS, Intern, WA
Dr Robert Claxton, FRACS FRCS FRCSEd, Head of Surgey, NSW
Dr Catherine Hollier, BMed FRACGP, General Practitioner, NSW
Fr John Daffy, M.B B.S FRACP, Physician & Director of Infectious Diseases, VIC
Dr Eamonn Mathieson, MBBS FANZCA, Specialist Anaesthetist, VIC
Dr Theo Shemansky, MBBS FRACGP B App Sci (Pod), QLD
Dr Andrew FC Taylor, MBBS FRACP MD, Gastroenterologist, VIC
Dr Daniel Mealey, MBBS, Medical Registrar, NSW
Dr Frederick Peter Denton, MBBS(Melb) FRACS, Surgeon, VIC
Dr Hong Ngyuen, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Michael Plunkett, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Patricia Newell, MB ChB FANZCA, Anaesthetist, VIC
Dr Adrian Thomas, MBBS, FRACOG, Obstetrician, VIC
Dr Xavier O’Kane, M.B.B.S, MA (Bioethics), General Practice Registrar, VIC
Dr Michael Christie, MB BS FRACGP, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr T John Martin AO, MD DSc FRACP FRCPA FAA FRS, Emeritus Professor of Medicine, VIC
Dr Dr Roheela D’Cruz, MBBS FRACGP MPH GAICD, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Kameel Marcuz, MBBS FANZCA, Anaesthetist, VIC
Dr Stephen Parnis, MBBS DipSurgAnat FACEM FAICD FAMA, Emergency Physician, VIC
A/Prof Edward O’Sullivan, MBBS FRACP, Peri-operative Physician, VIC
Dr Elvis Seman, MBBS FRANZCOG EUCOGE FRCOG NFPMC PhD, Head of Urogynaecology, Lecturer, SA
Dr Catherine Madigan, Clinical Psychologist, VIC
Dr Milton Micallef, MBBS BA(Hons) BSc, Medical Registrar, NSW
Ms Catherine Mannering, Med Student, VIC
Dr Simon Donohoe, EMBBS FRACS, Cancer Surgeon, VIC
Dr Antonio De Sousa, MBBS, General Practitioner, VIC
Prof Eugene Haydn Walters, Public Health Physcian, Lecturer, VIC
Dr Douglas Randell, MBBS FRACGP, ACT
Dr Heather Manning-Down, MB BS DPM FRANZCP Dip Crim, Psychiatrist, VIC
Dr Susan Newton, BMed GradDipPallMed MProfEthics FAChPM, Lecturer and Palliative Medicine Specialist, NSW
Dr Elizabeth Ravenscroft, MB BS FRACP FRCP, Paediatrician, NSW
Dr Rimino Guerriero, MBBS FRCS FRACS General Surgeon, SA
Dr Mark Hobart, MBBS, General Practitioenr, VIC
Dr Normal Hohl, MBBS FRACGP FAFPHM DTM&H CTH, General Practitioner, QLD
Dr Judith McEniery, MBBS FAChPM, Palliative Medicine Specialist, QLD
Dr Rhys Morgan, MBBS(Hons) FRACS BMin, Surgeon,  QLD
Dr Susan Belperio, MBBS(Hons) FANZCA, Anaesthetist,  SA
Dr Graham Toohill, MBBS FRACGP Dobs.RCOG D.RANZCO&G DTM&H, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Jonathan Baré, MBBS FRACS(orth) FAOA, Orthopaedic Surgeon, VIC
Dr Steven Zebic, MBBS, Medical Practitioner, VIC
Dr Ann-Marie Diggins, MB ChB FRACGP, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Rosemary Wong, MBBS MD(Melb) FRACP GradDipDiv(ACT) GAICD, Endocrinologist, VIC
Dr Andrew Hughes, FRACGP FACRRM, General Practitioner, QLD
Dr Albert Matti, MBBS, Medical Practitioner, SA
Dr Mary Walsh, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Ibrahim Yacoub, MBBS FANZCA, Anaesthetist, VIC
Dr Geraldine Fenn, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Ivan Stratov, MBBS FRACP PhD, Infectious Diseases Physician, VIC
Dr Dunne Brian, MBBS, Medical Practitioner, VIC
Dr Lucia Murnane, MBBS FRACGP DCH GradDipBioethics, GP Ethicist, VIC
Ms Faye Tomlin, RN, Nurse Practitioner, QLD
Dr Sam Phillips, MBBS, Medical Practitioner, VIC
Dr Catherine Crowley, MBBS(Hon) DipCHGCut, Medical Practitioner, NSW
Dr Ian Haines, MBBS, FRACP, FAChPM, Palliative Medicine Physcian, VIC
Dr Yi-An Neoh, MBBS RACGP, General Practitioner, SA
Dr Ian Denness, MBBS DCH DSCCA GradDipDiv FRACGP, General Practitioner, NSW
Dr Teem-Wing Yip, BA BMBS MPH FACRRM FAFPHM, Public Medicine Physician, NT
Dr. KAM Andrew Kok Foo, MBBS(Qld), FRACR, Radiologist, WA
A/Prof Patrina Caldwell, MBBS FRACP, Paediatrician, Clinical Leader, Lecturer, NSW
Dr Richard Chittleborough, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, SA
Dr Jereth Kok, FRACGP MBBS, General Practitioner,  VIC
Mr  Pascale Van der Beken, RN, Clinical Nurse Specialist, NSW
Dr James Quinn, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Olivia Perrottet, BA MBBS, General Practice Registrar, NSW
Ms Marion Gall, Nursing Assistant, QLD
Dr Andrew Gan, MBBS BMedSci FRACGP, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Johnny Khoury, MBBS BSc(Med) FRACGP DCH DRANZCOG, General Practitioner, Lecturer, NSW
Dr Anthony Obeid, MBBS, Medical Practitioner, NSW
Dr Danielle Li Danielle, BMedSci MBBS, Emergency Medicine Registrar, NSW
Ms Helen Morris, EN, Nurse, VIC
Dr David Anderson, MBBS FRACGP MPH, General Practitioner, VIC
Ms Barbara Page, RN HNE(Health) MHC, Nurse Specialist, NSW
Prof George Mendz, MSc Phd, Lecturer, Research Head, NSW
Ms Kristen Green, Medical Student, VIC
Dr Michael Knight, MBBS FRACS (Orth), Orthopaedic Surgeon, VIC
Dr William Linden Hall, MDSc BDS, Dental Surgeon, VIC
Ms Alicia Smith, Cardiac Sonographer, NSW
Dr Dimitios Papadopolous, MBBS (Hons) DipPaed FRACP, Paediatrician, NSW
Ms Natalie Grey, BA, BSc(Hons) MPharm, Pharmacist, Clinical Head, TAS
Dr Davina Fang, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, VIC
Ms Elizabeth Kinsey, MPsych DipAppliedPsych (Health), Psychologist, VIC
Dr Siba Sulaeman, Emergency Medicine Physician, VIC
Dr Jane Tehan, MBBS(Hons), Geriatric Medicine Registrar, VIC
Ms Yin Chung, RN, Nurse, NSW
Ms Donna Purcell, MBBS, General Practitioner, QLD
Dr David Crosbie, MBBS FRACP FCICM, Intensivist, VIC
Ms Anastasia Fantini, RN, Nurse, TAS
Dr Catherine Croagh, MBBS FRACP MD MPH, Gastroenterologist, VIC
Mr Christopher Langan-Fox, BA(Psychology) BA(Hons) MSc, Psychologist, TAS
Ms Elizabeth Aguilera, Occupational Therapist, NSW
Dr Sally Troedel, FANZCA MBBS Anaesthetist, Anaesthetist, VIC
Ms Maria Sparshott, RN, Nurse, NSW
Dr Ruella D’Cruz, MBBS, Emergency Medicine, Registrar, NSW
Ms Valerie Wee, EN, Nurse, NSW
Dr John Vidovich, MBBS FRACS FRCS(Eng), Vascular Surgeon, VIC
Dr Dean Everard, MBBS(Hons) FRACP, Geriatrician, Clinical Head, Lecturer, VIC
Ms Krystyna Kidson, M.Psych (Clin) Hons, MIAC,  Psychologist, NSW
Dr Willaim Kennett, MBBS MRCP, Palliative Medicine Advanced Trainee, NSW
Ms Joanne Kissane, RN, Nurse QLD
Dr Caroline Dowling, MBBS, FRACS , Urologist, VIC
Dr Catherine Peterson, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, SA
Dr Natasha Hamilton, MBBS, Paediatric Advanced Trainee, TAS
Dr Genevieve Hamilton, MBBS FRACGP BBiomedSci BSci(Hons), General Practitioner, VIC
Ms Ruth Dukes, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse, QLD
Dr Teresa Leung, MBBS FRACP FRCPA, Haematologist, VIC
Dr Michael McCaffrey, MBBS, Medical Practitioner, SA
Dr William Edwards, MB BS DIP ANAT MS FRACS FAORTHA, Surgeon, VIC
Dr J Philip Joseph, MAFP FRACGP Dip.PallMed, Palliative Medicine Specialist, VIC
Dr Brian Fernandez, MBBS, Medical Resident, NSW
Mr Michael Sparshott, Radiographer, NSW
Dr Peter Ferwerda, MBBS, Medical Practitioner, VIC
Ms Helen Holley, BSc Dip Physiotherapy, Physiotherapist, NSW
Ms Kathleen Airey, BSSc (Pastoral Care), Health Sector, QLD
Dr Jessica Costa-Pinto, MBBS, FRACP, Paediatrician, VIC
Ms Mia Villatora, Neuropsychotherapist, NSW
Dr Sarah Heynemann, MBBS BMedSci, Medical Oncology Registrar, VIC
Mr Martin Carolan, PhD, Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist, NSW
Ms Frances Beaumont, RN, Nurse, QLD
Dr Wam En Chang, MBBS,FRACGP; General Practitioner, Medical Educator, VIC
Dr Simon Tong, MBBS FRACGP DRANZCOG,  General Practitioner , VIC
Dr Simonil Mehta, MBBS FRACGP, general Practitioner, NSW
Dr Sarah Tedjasukmana, MBBS BScAdv)(Hons I) DCH, GP Registrar, NSW
Dr Alan Dobson, MBBS FRACGP Dip.ORCOG DCH, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Crystal Durell, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, WA
Dr Juliet Seedhouse, MBBS, Medical Practitioner, QLD
Dr Nyree O’Connor, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Peter Seha  MBBCh FRACGP, General Practitioner, QLD
Dr Pieter Pretorius, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitoner, VIC
Dr Thinus van Rensburg, BSc MBChB FRACGP FACRRM, General Practitioner, ACT
Dr Philip Cohen, MB BS, GP Registrar, SA
Dr John Deery, MBBS, General Practitioner, ACT
Dr Berbar Shiu, MD FRACGP, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Catherine Bailey, MBBS FRACP, Physician, NSW
Dr Kristin Richardson, MBChB FRACGP GCHPE, General Practioner, Medical Educator, NSW
Dr Lorraine Abderson, FRACGP MBChB, General Practitioner, WA
Dr Carol Booth, B Med BA(hon) LLB, Lawyer, General Practitioner, NSW
Dr Elizabeth Thomas, MBBS MBioeth FRACP, Physician, Bioethicist, VIC
Dr Megan Graieg, MBBS, Medicla Practitioenr, WA
Dr Emily Isham, MBBS BMedSci MIPH DRANZCOG, General Practitioner, TAS
Dr Nathan O’Dea, MBBS, BSc(Hons), Medical Oncology CMO, NSW
Dr Christopher Ford, MBBS FRACGP BPastoral Care BHSci(Public Health) Rural General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Lin Hickey, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, QLD
Dr Carli Weatherhead, B.MedSci (Hons) MBBS DCH DRANZCOG, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Verity Nicholson, MBBS/BMedSci, Anaesthetics Registrar, VIC
Dr Natalie Morgan, MBBS (Hons), Senior Paediatric Registrar, VIC
Dr Madeleine de Haan, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Leanne Cole, MBBS, General Practice Registrar, VIC
Dr Michael Tong,  BSc (Hons) DipB&M BMedSc(Hons) BMed DCH DTM&H FRACGP, General Practitioner, NT
Dr Norah Stan-Bishop, MBBS DCH, Medical Practitioner, WA
Dr Eleanor Sharland, MBBS (Hons) FRACGP , General Practitioner, WA
Dr Maurice Easton, MBBS FRACP, Paediatrician, VIC
Dr Jocelyn Lowinger, MBBS, Medical Practitioner, VIC
Dr Karen Gwee, MBBS FRANZCP, Psychiatrist, VIC
Dr Manoj Obeyesekere, MBBS MRCP FRACP FHRS MD, Cardiologist, VIC
Dr Wilson Chong, MBBS BMedSc(Hons) DCH FRACGP, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Albert Matti, MBBS Mast Med Dip Child Health Bsc(Hons), Medical Practitioner, SA
Dr Damir Culic, Dental Surgeon, SA
Dr Raymond Yeow, BA MBBS MBA(Exec) FIAA, NSW
Dr Carol Ierace, MBBS DRANCOG General Practitioner, SA
Dr Sharon Martin, BNSc BMBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, SA
Dr Vincent Lee, FRACGP MBBS BPharm, General Practitioner, QLD
Prof Margaret Somerville, AM FRCS DCL Professor of Bioethics University of Notre Dame Australia, Samuel Gale Professor of Law Emerita, Professor Emerita Faculty of Medicine, Founding Director Emerita Centre for Medicine Ethics and Law, McGill University Montreal Canada, NSW
Dr David McIlroy, MBBS MD MClinEpi FANZCA, Specialist Anaesthetist, VIC
Dr Sarah Duke, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner,VIC
Dr Bill Pring, MBBS BMedSci DPM FRANZCP FAMA, Psychiatrist, VIC
Dr Randy Juanta, BM BS, Emergency Doctor, SA
Dr Rod Stephenson, MBBS, General Practitioner in Aged Care, VIC
Dr Ian Haywood, MBBS MPM FRANZCP CertChildAdolPsych, Psychiatrist, VIC
Dr Simone Martin, MBBS FRACP, General Paediatrician, NT
Dr Malcolm Bowman, MBBS FRACGP FAFRM, Rehabilitation Physician, NSW
Dr John Sands, MB BS FRACP, Consultant Physician, TAS
Dr Bethany Russell, MBBS FRACP FAChPM, Palliative Care Physician, VIC
Dr Christopher McMaster, MBBS, Medical Registrar, VIC
Dr Josephine Ong, BMed FRACGP DCH, General Practitioner, VIC
Dr Dimithra Andrew Bahardeen, MBBS, VIC
Dr Alison Goodfellow, MB BS FRACGP, General Practitioner, SA
Mr Joshua Cohen, RN, Palliative Care Transitional Nurse Practitioner, NSW
Ms Jo Hartley, Dietitian, SA
Ms Carolyn Fiddelaers, Associate Nurse Unit Manager, VIC
Dr Scott Milan, BMBS(Hons) MPH DCH B.App Sci(dist) FRACGP, GP Partner, SA
Dr James Yun, MBBS FRACP FRCPA PhD, Immunologist, NSW
Ms Yvonne Parent, Licensed Practical Nurse, British Columbia Canada
Dr Peter Gale, MBBS FAFRM (RACP), Rehabilitation Medicine Physician, NSW 
Dr Sarah Allen, Bmed. FRACGP, General Practitioner, VIC
Ms Rhonda Neil, RN, Registered Nurse, VIC
Dr Frederick Ho, BSc(Med) MBBS FRANZCR, Radiation Oncologist, NSW 
Dr Adrian Cain, MBBS FANZCA, Anaesthetist, VIC
Dr Phil Godden OAM, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner & Board Member Central Coast Local Health District, NSW
Dr Trish Joseph,Senior Speech Pathologist in Palliative Care, VIC
Dr Peter Moore, MB BS FAChPM, Retired Palliative Care Specialist, NSW
Dr Chantal Faddoul, MBBS, Medical Practitioner, NSW
Dr Jonathan Ho, BSc(Med) MBBS FRANZCR, Radiologist, NSW
Dr Barbara Hayes, MBBS DipObs MPCH MBioethics FAChPM PhD, Palliative Care Physician, VIC
Dr Grace Ho, MBBS BMedSci DRANZCOG, General Practitioner Registrar, VIC
Ms Sheilajen Alcantara, Research Scientist - HIV, VIC 
Dr Pansy Lai, MBBS BSc(Med) DipPaed, Medical Practitioner, NSW
Ms Maketalena Tuigana, Allied Health Assistant, VIC
Mr Thien-an Nguyen , BSc(Pharm), Pharmacist, VIC
Dr Bernice Lim, BBiomed, MD, Resident Medical Officer, WA
Dr Thai Hong, MBBS (Hons) BMedSci FRACP, Gastroenterologist, VIC
Mr Viet Nguyen, Medical Student, VIC
Dr Katie Illott, MBBS (Hons), BHlth(Nurs), FRACGP. General Practitioner, QLD
Dr Huy Nguyen, MBBS FRACGP PCCU, Staff Specialist- Emergency, VIC
Thanh Hong, BSc(Pharm), Pharmacist, VIC
Ms Janet Chuanon, BSc(Pharm), Pharmacist and Oral Therapist, VIC
Dr Tho Pham, MBBS, Junior Medical Officer, VIC
Dr Corinne Lau, MBBS(Hons), Junior Medical Officer, NT
Dr Krista Maier, MBBS FRACGP DCH, General Practitioner, SA
Dr Jason Chan, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, NSW
Dr Yvonne Chung, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, NSW
Dr Amy Imms, MBBS(Hons), Medical Practitioner, TAS
Ms Ji Ming, BNursing, Registered Nurse, NSW
Ms Aida Barbosa, Pastoral Practitioner, SJOG Hospital Frankston, VIC
Dr Lisa Liu, MBBS FRACGP, General Practitioner, NSW
Dr Si Woo Park, MBBS, Medical Practitioner, NSW
Mr Kwan Lap Clement Chow, BSc(Physiotherapy), Physiotherapist, NSW
Ms Karina Honeyman, BAppSc, Radiographer, TAS
Ms Jo Wood, BSW BA (Psych), Social Worker, VIC
Dr Juliani Rianto, PhD MBBS RACP, Rehabilitation Specialist, NSW
Ms Laura Rianto, B Pharm, Pharmacist, NSW
Ms Helene Cowley, BA BSW MSW, Chief Social Worker Aged Psychiatry, VIC
Dr Alicia Thornton, BSc MBBS (Hons), Medical Practitioner, ACT/NSW
Dr Dorothy Milly Wong Tin Niam, FRACP, Physician, WA
Dr Mark Oakley, FRACGP FACRRM, Rural General Practitioner, NSW
Ms Deepa Joseph, BSc (Nursing), Registered Nurse, VIC
Ms Manju Mathew, BSc (Nursing), Registered Nurse, NSW
Ms Alison Hagley, B Pharm Dip Hosp Pharm, Pharmacist, NSW
Ms Linda Hanrahan, M Nursing Practice RN, Health Practitioner, NSW
Dr Derek Teh, MBChB FANZCA, Specialist Anaesthetist, NSW
Mr Frank Testa, Dip(Nursing) RN, Health Practitioner, NSW
Ms Tammy McMahon, BSc (Nursing), Registered Nurse, NSW
Ms Marie Rice, RN, Critical Care RN, NSW
Ms Laura Walton, B Nursing, Nurse, NSW
Dr Gerard Stoyles, BA(Hons), Clinical Psychologist, NSW
Dr John Covetz, BSc DC, Chiropractor, NSW
Ms Ruth Davis, BHSc, Registered Nurse, NSW
Ms Pride McMahon, Registered Nurse, NSW
Ms Susan Felsch, Registered Nurse, NSW
Ms Jessica Morgan, PHD, Clinical Psychologist, NSW
Dr Jocelyn Kramer, BSc, MBBS, PHD, Palliative Care Doctor, NSW
Mr John Cogley, BA MA, Psychologist, NSW
Ms Rebecca Weston, EN, Nurse, NSW
Ms Christine Dawson, Registered Nurse, NSW
Ms Frances Miller, RN Ad Cert EN BN Grad Cert (CritCare), MNP, Nurse Practitioner, NSW
Ms Kathleen Bush, Aged Care Manager, NSW
Mr Aaron Wood, Registered Nurse, NSW
Ms Aleena Reji, AIN, Nurse, NSW
Mr Jainmol Joseph, Registered Nurse, NSW
Ms Antoinette Gray, Registered Nurse, NSW
Ms Linda Collins, Registered Nurse, NSW
Dr Antoine Tarabay, Bioethicist, NSW
Ms Margaret Fici, Registered Nurse, NSW
Ms Elizabeth Ambrose, Registered Nurse, NSW
Ms Robyn Johnson, Registered Nurse, NSW
Prof Romano Pirola, OAM MBBS(Syd) MD(UNSW) FRACP, Honorary Professor UNSW, Associate Professor NDU, NSW
Dr Maria Cristina Gillego, Doctor of Medicine, Paediatric Registrar, NSW
Mr Graham Martin, BA DipEd M Ed GradDipPsych PostgradDipPsych, Psychologist, NSW
Dr Farah Azar, FRACGP, General Practitioner, NSW
Ms Katherine McKerrow, BNursing, Registered Nurse, NSW
Ms Neroli Mooney, Registered Nurse, NSW
Mr Michael Punch, Medical Sonographer, NSW
Ms Michelle Punch, Diagnostic Radiographer, NSW
Mr David Walton, Psychiatric Social Worker, NSW
Dr Michael King, MBBS FANZCA, Specialist Anaesthetist, NSW
Ms Elizabeth Moore, Registered Nurse, NSW
Ms Angela Jane Newberry, Registered Nurse, NSW
Dr Martin Harb, MD BMed BSc (Hons), Conjoint Associate Lecturer, NSW
Ms Susan Hazra, Registered Nurse, NSW
Ms Siew Joo Lau, Registered Nurse, NSW
Mr Mark Buhagiar, Physiotherapist, NSW
Ms Stella Tegg, Radiographer, NSW
Mr Noel Pound, Registered Nurse, NSW
Dr Frank Long, MB BS FRACP, Medical Practitioner, ACT
Mr Gregory Fraser, RN CNS, NSW
Mr Giakoumatos Stelios, B Pharmacy, Pharmacist, NSW
Mr Philip Pocock, Psychotherapist, ACT
Mr Nicholas Williams, Registered Nurse, NSW
Ms Rebecca Field, BSNursing, Nurse, VIC 
Ms Miechele Williams, Registered Nurse, NSW
Ms Alison Punch, Registered Nurse, NSW
Dr Greg Roditis, B Dental Surgery, Dental Surgeon, NSW
Ms Samantha Fava, Social Worker, NSW
Dr David Chee, MB BS FRACGP, General Practitioner, NSW
Ms Roslyn Kaiser, Registered Nurse, NSW
Ms Mary-Louise Fowler, Dip Occupational Therapy, Occupational Therapist, NSW
Ms Monica Brown, Registered Nurse, NSW
Ms Marie Stephens, Occupational Therapist, NSW
Ms Elisa Harwood, Registered Nurse, NSW
Ms Monique Griffin, Registered Nurse, VIC
Dr Emma Vieira, B Med, General Practitioner, NSW
Dr Samantha Day, MBBS FRACP FRCPA, Medical Practitioner, NSW
Mr Brian Lincoln, Rehabilitation Counsellor, NSW
Dr John Jarzynski, MB BS, Medical Practitioner, NSW
Dr Minna Yumol, B Med MD, Resident Medical Officer, NSW
Dr Giles Walters, FRACP, Medical Practitioner, ACT
Dr Thekla Kokkinos, MBBS Psychiatry, Career Medical Officer in Psychiatry, NSW
Ms Lorraine Hunter, RN, Nurse, VIC
Ms Fotini Psarommatis, RN, Nurse, NSW
Ms Carmel Duckworth, AIN, Aged Care Nurse, NSW
Ms Fiona Reeves, BHlthSc(Rehab), NSW
Dr Basil Psarommatis, Med Sc HONS MBBS GP Registrar, NSW
Ms Antonia Formosa, RN, Nurse, NSW
Dr Hoomis Pahos, B Dentistry, Dentist, NSW
Mr Andrew Milroy, AIN, Nurse, NSW
Dr George Liangas, MB BS FRANZCP, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, NSW
Dr John Ward, MB BS FRCR FRANZCR FAChPM, Radiation Oncologist, Palliative Medicine Physician, TAS
Ms Margaret O'Sullivan, RN, Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Specialist, NSW
Dr Matthew Lennon, MB BS, Medical Practitioner, NSW
Ms Elaine Kelly, RN, Nurse, NSW
Dr Natalie Ong, MBBS, FRACP, Medical Practitioner, NSW
Dr Peter Briscoe, MBBS FRACR, Medical Practitioner, NSW
Dr Janet Lopez, MBBS FRACGP FACPsych Med, Medical Practitioner, NSW
Ms Deirdre Cuming, B Pharmacy, Pharmacist, NSW
Ms Bernice Keane, RN, Nurse, NSW
Dr Mario Cheung, MBBS, Resident Medical Officer, NSW
Dr Umberto Paolo Villa, MBBS, JMO Broken Hill Base Hospital, NSW
Dr Michael T Smith, FRACGP MBBS Hons BSc Dip Child Health, NSW 
Dr Desmond Reddy, FRCPA, Pathologist, NSW
Ms Samantha Tyler, BSW, Social Worker, NSW
Dr James Kokkinos, MBBS FRACP, Neurologist, NSW
Ms Nitasha Fernandes, Allied Health Assistant, NSW
Ms Soo Mi Lee, B Pharmacy, Pharmacist, NSW
Mr Michael Sobb, Psychologist, NSW
Dr Sekhar Pillai, MBBS MPH FRACP PhD, Specialist Paediatric Neurologist, NSW
Ms Jiwon Lee, B Nursing, Physiotherapist, NSW
Dr Ellie Mulyadi, MBBS FRANZCP, Radiologist, NSW
Ms Katherine Henderson, RN, Nurse, NSW
Dr Jacob Kwak, MBBS, Aged Care Advanced Trainee, NSW
Dr Kelvin Cheung, BMed MD, Medical JMO, NSW
Dr Paul Burt, MBBS FANZCA FCICM, Senior Staff Anaesthetist, ACT
Mr Bob Nelson, B Social Science MA, Psychologist, NSW
Dr Karen Lopez Karen, MBBS BSc Med FAFRM, Rehabilitation Physician, NSW
Dr Rachel Chalmers, MBBS FRACP, Nephrologist, NSW
Dr Melissa Lee, B Dental Surgery, Dental Practitioner, NSW
Ms Joan Lane, RN, Nurse, NSW
Dr Andrie Tanuwidjaja, B Dental Surgery, Dental Practitioner, NSW
Dr Kristy Choi, B Dental Surgery, Dentist, NSW
Ms Sarah Fogarty, B App Sc Occupational Therapy, Occupational Therapist, NSW
Dr Patricia Suarez Novoa, MD MICGP MPHTM General Practitioner, NSW
Dr Colin Summerhays, FRACS FRCS (England), General Surgeon, NSW
Ms Margaret Summerhays, B Nursing, Registered Nurse, NSW