International gathering opposing euthanasia & assisted suicide Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide, South Australia 

On May 22nd & 23rd 2015, people opposing euthanasia & assisted suicide will assemble from across the globe in Adelaide, South Australia for the Fourth International Symposium on Euthanasia.

The first event of its type in the southern hemisphere organiser, Paul Russell, says he is looking forward to hosting 'the best event yet!' "We're assembling speakers from Europe and North America along with the very best Australia has to offer" says Russell.

Adelaide has been for some years the 'canary-in-the-coal-mine' for euthanasia bills; in recent years as many as three euthanasia bills were being debated at the same time. Australia was also the first place on earth to pass euthanasia law in the mid-1990s and remains the only place to have ever overturned such a law; a point that Russell stresses, should make us all think very hard about creating such laws.

The event entitled 'Standing Strong, together' is designed to showcase the very best in campaigning advice, look to the very latest reports and testimony from around the globe and to help build capacity and networks in support of local action.

"One of the major focal points for the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition International over the last three years since its inception is to develop a worldwide fraternity of academics, medicos and activists who work together to build a bulwark against euthanasia and assisted suicide legislation in their locale, supported by colleagues in other places" said International Chair, Alex Schadenberg. "We need to sell the message that anyone who opposes euthanasia, regardless of whatever else they may support and regardless of what they believe or don't believe, is welcome."

This idea of 'creative partnerships' is critical to the continuing opposition to both euthanasia & assisted suicide says International Vice Chair and symposium host, Paul Russell. "If you take a look at recent campaigns in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, and while every campaign is different, there's a common thread to success in the co-operation as equals of many groups such as pro-life groups, disability groups, medical associations amongst others. It makes sense to work together."

The Adelaide HOPE symposium is a partnership between HOPE, Euthanasia Free New Zealand, disability advocates, Lives Worth Living, Doctors Opposed to Euthanasia and the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition International.

Speakers and delegates will assemble from the USA, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, Belgium and The Netherlands as well as from across Australia. Anyone who opposes euthanasia and assisted suicide is welcome.

You can read more and book for the event at or contact Paul Russell at [email protected]
Some of our confirmed speakers:

Professor Theo Boer (NL). Professor Boer made international headlines earlier this year when he announced that, after supporting the Dutch euthanasia laws and being a nine-year member of a regional euthanasia evaluation committee, that he had completely changed his mind.

Henk Reitsema (NL). Henk's grandfather was euthanased without consent in a Dutch nursing home. Henk has made an extensive study of the Dutch death statistics which reveal that deliberate killing in his homeland extends well beyond the official statistics.

Tom Mortier (BL)
. Tom's mother was euthanased without his family's knowledge. She suffered treatable clinical depression and was not otherwise ill. Prior to this, Tom was ambivalent about the Belgian euthanasia law. He now speaks out against it regularly and has taken a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights.

Alex Schadenberg (Ca). Alex is the international chair of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. He has been working full time opposing euthanasia in Canada for more than a decade. He is a sought after public speaker hosting and appearing at events and debates across North America and internationally.

Craig Wallace (Au). Craig is a well known disability advocate and is President of the peak disability body, People With Disability Australia. He is also convenor of an anti-euthanasia disability network called Lives Worth Living. Craig recently gave evidence in the Australian Senate Committee on euthanasia.

Renee Joubert (NZ). Renee is executive officer for the EPCI affiliated organisation, Euthanasia Free New Zealand. Prior to taking up this role, Renee toured Europe speaking to experts in the Benelux countries about this subject.

Nancy Elliott (USA). Nancy is a former three-time representative in the New Hampshire legislature and founder of Living With Dignity New Hampshire. She has been involved in campaigns against assisted suicide across the USA and is a member of the EPCI board.


More announcements to come shortly.

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