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Choice is an Illusion

Euthanasia advocates market their cause well.  Amongst a long and growing list of euphemisms, catch phrases and slogans, the ‘choice’ mantra rates extremely high.

“It’s my life, it’s my body.  I should have the right to choose how and when I die.”  Even in our modern world, there are still many, many areas of our existence where we rightly and for good reason, do not have a right to choose.

Even if we were to concede that a person had the right to choose euthanasia (and the pages of this website make it abundantly clear that we don’t), legislation to enable acts of euthanasia to have the protection of the law don’t give ‘choice’ to patients at all — it’s an illusion: it sells a non-reality.

Euthanasia legislation sets out under what circumstances a medical professional may decide to kill a patient.  Note well: the decision is ultimately by the doctor — not the patient.

This might seem like semantics, but it’s really a significant problem.  Yes, you might make a request; but did you do so without coercion?  Were you in a sound state of mental health?  Did you feel pressured into your request?  All these things are determined, finally, by the doctor — he or she makes the decision.

Like any of us, medicos can and do make mistakes; they can and do make wrong choices.

Giving the task of killing to the healing profession won’t sit well with many.  Nevertheless, there will be those who will choose to kill patients who make a request.  However, the evidence from the Netherlands, from Belgium and other places shows clearly that a growing number of people are being euthanased in those places without ever requesting it and without any form of consent.  Those doctors are clearly exercising their choice not the patient’s!

Ultimately, they are deciding that your life is not worth living!