Mixed results for US elections

  As we have seen in Australia in recent times, Death with Dignity uses polling figures as their strongest marketting tool.  There they claim 82% support and a sizeable bloc of legislators in support.We do not know the poll question used; but if it's anything like that used here in Australia all it really tells us is that a large percentage of those polled agree with the question â�� it tells us little or nothing about their attitudes to euthanasia as practiced and nothing about how they feel about an particular type of legislation.

We need to recognise that the unprecedented push for euthanasia & assisted suicide in Australia at the moment comes to us as no accident.  It is part of an organised co-ordination of campaigns and campaign strategies.

Like many progressive agendas, our pro-euthanasia friends have recognised that language is important.  They first redefined dignity to be something that only they truly understood.  Likewise compassion.  The latest is choice.

We can recognise their tenacity and their commitment.  In doing so, we must begin to realize that we need the same kind of commitment.  We need well developed networks and honed arguments as well as campaign cred and funds.

That's why we created HOPE…