New South Australian Bill: Euthanasia on demand and open season on patients

March 2011 Update and Action Request: As reported earlier, Member for Ashford, Steph Key tabled a new euthanasia bill on the 10th of March.  This effectively replaces her earlier bill that was a duplicate of the Parnell Bill defeated last year in the Upper House.The 

Criminal Law Consolidation (Medical Defences — End of Life Arrangements) Amendment Bill 2011 is a confusing bill, to say the least.  (see BLOG Comment )

Confusing and dangerous!  The Key bill is based on the draft circulated by Health Mininster, John Hill MP at the time of the Parnell debate last year.  The Advertiser article (Adv 25 March) continues the confusion but also creates some impetus for the bill.  readers may recall that there has never been a serious, extended debate in the SA Lower House for all the bills that have been tabled there.  Over the terms of the last two governments in particular, it has been clear that Premier Rann, for whatever reason, has chosen not to clear the way for debate.  That may change now, with the Health Minister behind the push and his shadow counterpart as well.

THIS BILL IS EUTHANASIA ON DEMAND AND OPEN SEASON ON PATIENTS!  It protects doctors but abandons patients.  Any bill that does not protect the vulnerable is bad law!

The Member for Fisher, The Hon Bob Such MP (Ind), has also tabled his Voluntary Euthanasia Bill 2010 in the House of Assembly.

ACTION: Please write or email your local member (Lower House) as soon as possible.

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