Human rights court to consider euthanasia for depression case

In 2011, 63-year old Godelieva De Troyer asked her doctor of over 20 years to agree to her request for euthanasia.  Her doctor declined, because De Troyer was not suffering from a terminal illness; she was suffering from depression. Continue reading

Death is the cheapest form of “treatment”

Last year, we told you the story of Kristen Hanson and her husband, J.J., who died from cancer in December 2017. Continue reading

Tasmanian parliament poised to legalise assisted suicide

2019 looks set to be a big year when it comes to the fight against assisted suicide in Australia. Continue reading

Why is the Victorian government claiming this as a safeguard?

  The Victorian government has bizarrely claimed as a ‘safeguard’ the announcement that Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital will be the sole dispenser of the lethal drugs for assisted suicide and euthanasia. Continue reading

The one vote that makes all the difference

The battle to protect the vulnerable in New South Wales from legalised euthanasia and assisted suicide will reach a greater intensity this year with the announcement that Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm will quit federal politics and run for the NSW Legislative Council. Continue reading

Euthanasia advocate backs convicted husband

Euthanasia advocates have shown how far they would push euthanasia and assisted suicide laws if legalised in Queensland, giving no weight to financial motivations for helping someone to take their own life. Continue reading

Doctors bringing HOPE to WA

In encouraging news this week, former Victorian AMA President Dr Stephen Parnis has visited Western Australia ahead of a parliamentary vote on assisted suicide to be held next year. Dr Parnis has been meeting with MPs and doctors in the West to urge them to learn from the experience in Victoria and to provide clarification about some of the misrepresentations being made by pro-death lobby groups. Continue reading

Social engineering evident in Victorian law

The architects of Victoria’s euthanasia and assisted suicide legislation have joined together to write a playbook for other states wanting to push through euthanasia and other “social change” laws. Continue reading

Palliative care is being undermined by euthanasia advocates

Palliative care specialists have said publicly that pro-assisted suicide activists actively and deliberately undermine public confidence in palliative care and what it can deliver in pursuit of their cause. Continue reading

WA government says no to transparency ahead of assisted suicide vote

State parliamentarians will be asked to vote next year on whether assisted suicide should be legalised in Western Australia following a joint select committee report last year. A government panel has been appointed to help draft legislation for such a regime. Continue reading