Shocking early stats from Victoria

"We anticipate in the first 12 months, based on overseas experience, around a dozen people that will access voluntary assisted dying." Continue reading

Hasten slowly when radically changing laws

Now that Western Australia and Victoria have chosen the cheaper option by voting for legalised euthanasia at the expense of adequately funded palliative care, the pressure is on Queensland to follow suit. Pro-euthanasia activists are doing their best to ensure this issue is brought before the next state election, in case there is a change of government.   Continue reading

“Positively Instagrammable” suicide machine

“With the help of his wife and colleague, the writer and lawyer Dr Fiona Stewart, [Philip] Nitschke is ushering the death-on-demand movement towards a dramatic new milestone – and their enthusiasm is palpable.” Continue reading

Could this latest euthanasia campaign backfire?

Three generations in the one family are on a mission to “start a dialogue” about euthanasia and assisted suicide to its logical end: the option of lethal drugs for anyone who requests them, whether they are terminally ill or not. Continue reading

‘You could almost set your watch to it’

With the ink not yet dry on the passage of the Western Australia euthanasia and assisted suicide laws, the battle lines have already been drawn in another state. Continue reading

A lesson in euthanasia “logic”

Euthanasia advocates in Quebec are employing some pretty strange logic in their attempt to shore up support for expanding access to euthanasia in the province. Continue reading

What lawyers think is wrong with WA Bill

When you’re wondering about the potential dangers of a proposed law, it might be worth listening to “the peak professional association for lawyers in Western Australia.” Continue reading

“My Life, My Choice”?

A recent vote in the WA Legislative Council (the Upper House) has provided a legislative guarantee that regional and remote residents in WA are entitled to the same access to euthanasia and assisted suicide as metropolitan residents.  A subsequent vote decided against providing a commensurate legislative guarantee that they are entitled to access palliative care, no matter where they live in the state. Continue reading

The “death” of democracy

Last week, the WA Premier accused Nick Goiran MLC of “shameful and undemocratic” behaviour, referring to the slow pace with which the Upper House is moving through amendments to the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2019. He stated: Continue reading

If you don’t want to euthanise, don’t study medicine

In Canada, there has been an extraordinary reaction to a bill that would have allowed doctors who object to participating in euthanasia to refuse to be a part of it. Continue reading