The farce of ‘strict safeguards’

Everyone is familiar with the concept of “getting a foot in the door”. The same principle applies to legislation. Continue reading

Queensland campaign update

Late July HOPE was on the ground in QLD meeting various stakeholders with whom we’ll be orchestrating a coordinated effort to push back on QLD’s euthanasia lobby.  Continue reading

Will the WA government put its money where its mouth is?

West Australian Health Minister Roger Cook recently said that the government wanted all West Australians to be able to get quality palliative care when needed. Continue reading

Who profits from Queensland’s neglected and broken aged care system?

In Queensland, following recent stories of a health care system in crisis, where Queenslanders were being urged by the Health Minister not to go to hospital unless it was a medical emergency because almost all the public hospital beds were taken, there are new challenges facing elderly residents when it comes to health care.  Continue reading

Father of four can’t afford medication; applies for euthanasia

Christophe began thinking about euthanasia three years ago. Continue reading

Dutch doctors feel pressure to euthanise

We know that laws allowing euthanasia and assisted suicide fundamentally change the therapeutic relationship between doctors and their patients. You cannot remove the prohibition on doctors killing their patients without serious consequences. Continue reading

Western Australian campaign update

HOPE has been very busy since the McGowan Government announced 8 months ago that it would introduce legislation to enable euthanasia and assisted suicide in WA. Continue reading

“Deeply concerned”: why geriatricians are fighting against euthanasia

“By succumbing to the push for voluntary assisted dying legislation, are we abandoning the push for quality end-of-life care and palliative care, and are we stating that there is no more we can offer and that death is the only option?” Continue reading

Queensland euthanasia inquiry hears alarming state of palliative care in the state

A group of concerned, experienced palliative medicine physicians has made an important contribution to the current euthanasia inquiry in Queensland. Continue reading

Euthanasia advocate reveals true agenda

The former Chief Minister of the Northern Territory who oversaw the country’s first euthanasia regime has told a Queensland parliamentary inquiry that he expects current euthanasia regimes passed or proposed in Australia would be extended to those who are not terminally ill, and who are “tired of life,” but not for another few decades. Continue reading