Are assisted suicide patients drowning to death?

Physician and intensive care doctor, Dr Joel Zivot, an “expert witness against the use of lethal injection for execution in America”, is “quite certain that assisted suicide is not painless or peaceful or dignified. In fact, in the majority of cases, it is a very painful death.” Continue reading

“Morally reprehensible” actions of Qld Government

The euthanasia and assisted suicide laws passed in Queensland last week put the Palaszczuk government “in a class of its own for outrageousness,” according to Angela Shanahan, columnist at The Australian. Continue reading

Queensland, Here’s How Your MPs Voted

Last week, two-thirds of the Queensland Parliament voted to legalise suicide in Queensland. Continue reading

What choice?

In Victoria’s most recent euthanasia statistics, the most common underlying condition of people who have died is lung cancer. 1 in 5 patients who have accessed lethal drugs did so because they were diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Continue reading

Queensland’s mental health crisis

Disturbing new figures released this week reveal that Queensland has the highest suicide rate, and the lowest spend per capita on mental health, in the country. Continue reading

Queensland euthanasia bill cannot prevent coercion

A major flaw of the Queensland euthanasia and assisted suicide bill soon to be debated in the state parliament is the lack of protection it offers to patients who may be acting under coercion or experiencing elder abuse.  Continue reading

Being ‘transparent’ about euthanasia opposition

A pro-euthanasia professor at the Queensland University of Technology has called for MPs who hold the sanctity of life above other values to be “transparent” about it. Continue reading

What Queenslanders really think about euthanasia

Hope, in partnership with the Australian Christian Lobby and Cherish Life Queensland recently undertook a poll of Queenslanders to find out what they think of euthanasia. Continue reading

Victoria’s death toll increases… again

The most recent report on Victoria’s euthanasia and assisted suicide statistics was released this week and – as feared – the numbers are only going in one direction: Continue reading

“I’m a doctor, none!”

“Comfortable with?  I’m a doctor, none!” Continue reading