Queensland’s euthanasia political football

As we reported last week, the Queensland Premier has announced a fast tracking of euthanasia laws if her government is returned at the upcoming state election, promising to vote in favour of legalisation early on in a new term, and backtracking on her previous commitments to carefully consider a Queensland Law Reform Commission report on the issue. Continue reading

Netherlands approves child euthanasia

The Netherlands has approved euthanasia for children aged one to twelve years old.  This now means that there is no longer an age barrier in the country for accessing euthanasia. Prior to this change, infants up to the age of one could be euthanised and children aged twelve and older were also eligible. Now the gap has been closed and it’s open to children of any age.  Continue reading

What’s the rush?

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced that, if re-elected in next week’s poll, she will fast-track an inquiry called by her Government in order to push euthanasia and assisted suicide legislation through parliament as early as possible in 2021. Continue reading

Faith-based institutions under threat from euthanasia laws

The Southern Cross Care (SCC) group in Tasmania ruffled some feathers this week when it declared that in the event that Mike Gaffney’s euthanasia bill were to become law, they would not be providing or facilitating euthanasia or assisted suicide on their premises. This is in keeping with their underlying philosophy and ethos as a faith-based institution, established to provide patients with palliative care. Continue reading

‘The idea of choice is a fallacy’

Just days from New Zealand taking to the polls on euthanasia and assisted suicide, new questions have been raised about the disproportionate effects a change in law would have on the most vulnerable and most marginalised, including the disabled. Continue reading

Demedicalisation: removing doctors from euthanasia

The majority of discussion around euthanasia and assisted suicide laws tends to focus on the more practical questions around its implementation.  Continue reading

Fatal Flaws in New Zealand’s euthanasia laws

With voting in New Zealand’s referendum on the End of Life Choices Act 2019 having now commenced, medical and legal professionals continue to speak up to counter false claims made by euthanasia activists about the proposed legislation and the so-called safeguards contained within it. Continue reading

Parliament adjourns, but questions continue

Debate on Tasmania’s proposed assisted suicide and euthanasia laws has been adjourned in the Upper House, and the Parliament is not sitting for another couple of weeks. Continue reading

Fresh trial of Belgian euthanasia doctor

A new trial has been instigated against Belgian euthanasia doctor Joris Van Hove, who was acquitted of the unlawful euthanasia death of thirty eight year old Belgian woman Tine Nys earlier this year. Two other doctors were also acquitted as part of that trial. Continue reading

Who would sue a medical body for this?

Imagine an election was held and three candidates were up for election, and 6674 people voted.  The results were as follows: Candidate A: 3144 votes; Candidate B: 2684 votes; Candidate C: 701 votes; and 145 blank votes were cast. Continue reading