No one has the right to take another's life

Man pleads guilty to manslaughter for "assisting" a suicide death in Virginia  Paul Stephen Bricker (27) pled guilty to a charge of manslaughter in the "suicide" death of  Gerard Curran (45), a navy chief, and a superior of Bricker. Continue reading

Palliative Medicine Society goes on the front foot

  For those who don't understand the 'front foot' comment, it's a cricketing term meaning that the batsman goes on the attack. The have done just that over a story run on New Zealand TV last night. ( Continue reading

On polling and death

  "If a hopelessly ill patient, experiencing unrelievable suffering, with absolutely no chance of recovering, asks for a lethal dose, so as not to wake again, should a doctor be allowed to give a lethal dose or not ?"  Continue reading

The state of play in the US

This is an important summary of what's happening on the assisted suicide front in US states. Assisted Suicide - US Overview.By  Continue reading

A funny...

Sometimes a little light humour...   Continue reading

Richard Wilkins and his son - Adam

  Former rocker and now TV presenter and interviewer on Australian television, Richard Wilkins talks about his son, Adam.Many people (including yours truly) speak similarly about their children with Down Syndrome. Continue reading

Doubts emerge about Dutch guidelines for terminal sedation

  Michael Cook from recently posted the following article about the use of terminal sedation: Continue reading

EU courts refuse to impose euthanasia

  The decision is in in respect to my earlier post about a court case at the European Court of Human Rights. (see earlier post HERE Continue reading

14% of All Dutch Deaths Involve Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide

US Lawyer and activist, Wesley Smith exposes what the recent Dutch figures really say. See also earlier post from . If euthanasia & assisted suicide are a public good, why don't they simply tell it like it Continue reading