Medical Serial Killer, nurse, Charles Cullen: 'I thought I was helping'

  This chilling case was recently revisited by the 60 Minutes  Continue reading

Bill abandons dying, erodes trust in health professionals

  Last week The Hon Cate Faerhmann MLC's Rights of the Terminally Ill Bill was introduced into the NSW upper house. This opinion article in the  appeared in response: Continue reading

UK Disability Activist lays challenge to UK Dignity in Dying chief

  The following news release and letter was issued by the ALERT Continue reading

Euthanasia Changes Culture

A reflection by the indefatigable Wesley Smith from his blog:Human Exceptionalism Continue reading

Irish woman loses Supreme Court Appeal that challenged the ban on assisted suicide in Ireland

  The following article was written by the Campaign Director of the Care Not Killing Alliance and published on  Continue reading

REALDignity Tasmania slams Australia 21 Report

  This media release today from : Continue reading

Your right to die impacts everyone's right to live

  The following column was printed in the Calgary Herald Continue reading

Historian Götz Aly: Victims of Nazi Euthanasia 'Have Been Forgotten' Part 1

  German historian Götz Aly is an expert on euthanasia during the Nazi era. In a SPIEGEL interview, he discusses why many accepted the murder of the handicapped and mentally ill, and how his own daughter has shaped his views on how the disabled should be treated today.  Continue reading

Historian Götz Aly: Victims of Nazi Euthanasia 'Have Been Forgotten' Part 2

  Here is part 2 of a two part interview in Speigel Online International Continue reading

Australia 21 think tank recommends legislative change on euthanasia & assisted suicide

  Straight from the 'I-could-have-told-you-so' files, the think tank, Australia21, released its report and recommendations following their 'round table' discussions held in January this year.  Continue reading