Council on the Aging - support for euthanasia?

  A curious article appeared yesterday in the Sydney Morning Herald Continue reading

Beverley Broadbent - rational old age suicide?

  Health writer for the Melbourne The Age Continue reading

Singaporean Chief Justice does 'death talk'

  This excellent speech was given by Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon at the Singapore Medical Association Annual Lecture, March 9, 2013. It first appeared in the Straits Times Continue reading

Tasmanian Terminal inexactitudes

  Each and every part of the body politic and the fourth estate in Tasmania have a responsibility for clarity when talking about euthanasia & assisted suicide. It's 'life and death' - it's serious and therefore requires a higher-than-normal attention.  Continue reading

Tasmanian euthanasia push and shades of grey

  News reports today from the Hobart Mercury Continue reading

16th anniversary of passage of the Euthanasia Laws Act

  I'm not normally one for remembering anniversaries (with apologies to my darling wife, Anne. Ouch!)  Continue reading

What should end-of-life care look like?

  Focus on care vs focus on cost.  Continue reading

Psychiatrist in the UK needs to be investigated by the police

  Psychiatrist who supplied report to man with dementia so he could kill himself at Dignitas needs to be investigated by the police. Continue reading

Belgium becomes world leader in organ removal after euthanasia. Oxford academics suggest the practice could generate 2,200 more organs a year in UK.

  This article was was written by Dr. Peter Saunders, the Care Not Killing campaign director  and published on his blog Continue reading