UK Youth Suicide Case - time for global action

  Last week the UK Mail Online Continue reading

Euthanasia deaths increase by 25% in Belgium.

  Recent studies concerning the Belgian euthanasia law found that: 32% of the assisted deaths Continue reading

Irish assisted suicide court case is based on flawed assumption

  By Peter Saunders, Care Not Killing Campaign Director - March 1, 2013  Continue reading

Victorian attempted murder/suicide case: what's really going on here?

  I've  on the case of Victorian man Heinz Klinkermann who attempted to kill his disabled wife and himself at the same time. My comment in this case was principally about the need to uphold the criminal code in court judgement and how that should be balanced with mercy in sentencing as appropriate. Continue reading

Montana House Bill (HB) 505 passes - on to the Senate

  House Bill (HB) 505 is a positive initiative that corrects an earlier problem created by way of a US Supreme Court decision in Montana in 2009 (Baxter).  Continue reading

AMA slams latest SA euthanasia bills: "fundamentally and irretrievably flawed"

  The  recently circularized a commentary on two bills proposed for the South Australian Parliament by the Member for Fisher, The Hon Bob Such MP. Continue reading

Death at the Oscars - frequent flirts with euthanasia & assisted suicide

This post from the website on the latest pro-suicide/euthanasia film to win an Oscar:US Not Dead Yet Continue reading

Euthanasia's euphemisms

Here's a great summary of the changes in language employed by those who support changes to the law. This is a time-honoured campaigning tool for anyone who has ever tried to win an argument - but when dealing with life and death - it's just not appropriate.   writes: Continue reading

Law must be upheld - but mercy should temper justice

A report in  The Australian today about an elderly Victorian man's guilty plea for the attempted murder of his disabled wife will no doubt put the spotlight on the law itself. Continue reading