Peak National Disability Group raises concerns about Euthanasia Bill in SA

  The Peak National Disability group,  recently raised their concerns about The Hon Bob Such's Ending Life with Dignity Bill currently being debated in the South Australian Parliament. Continue reading

Autonomy or automatons? (or 'autonomy anomaly'?)

  The article seems a little confused about precisely what kind of directives should or should not be considered to be binding; some comments in the article seem to suggest that the bind should be total; that all directives should be obeyed.  Continue reading

Suicide Clinic in Washington State

  Dr. Nitschke has said a number of times that he would set up a clinic in South Australia or Tasmania if legislation ever got up in those places. And now they actually have such a clinic in Washington State.  Continue reading

SA Government adopts changes to Advance Care Directives Bill

  Lat Tuesday evening the Legislative Council (Upper House) of the South Australian Parliament finalized the debate on the SA government's Advance Care Directives Bill.  Continue reading

South Australian MPs put the case against euthanasia to their colleagues

  Four South Australian MPs have taken the unusual step of co-signing a letter today to all their colleagues concerning The Hon Bob Such's Ending Life with Dignity Bill.  Continue reading

euthanasia debate intensifying in South Australia - Bob Such responds to HOPE

  As debate on The Hon Bob Such's Ending Life with Dignity Bill 2013 continues in the lower house of the South Australian parliament, the trading in correspondence is intensifying.  Continue reading

4,620% increase in Belgian euthanasia cases in ten years since legalisation

  I have previously highlighted the rapid escalation of euthanasia and assisted suicide cases in the , Continue reading

Council on the Aging - support for euthanasia?

  A curious article appeared yesterday in the Sydney Morning Herald Continue reading