AMA votes overwhelmingly to oppose euthanasia… again

Pro-euthanasia advocates and media organisations routinely try to downplay the opposition of doctors to assisted suicide. As an example, the editorial in the Age this week ahead of the commencement of the assisted suicide law in Victoria states that “…some doctors and community members remain concerned terminally ill people might be influenced by avaricious, manipulative family members towards a decision to end their life, or be unable to give full and proper consent because of depression or other mental illness that often accompanies chronic suffering.” Continue reading

Noa’s euthanasia death may have been fake news, but this one wasn’t

There is nothing that is not tragic about the death of 17-year old Noa Pothoven. Continue reading

The Economical Option

A self-confessed “progressively social liberal” writer and researcher who “proudly identifies as a disabled person”, Chris Ford has found himself in an unlikely position: opposing euthanasia. Continue reading

Urgent warnings from WA doctors

In a blistering submission to the West Australian government’s expert panel on euthanasia, the peak medical body for doctors in Western Australia has warned against the risks such a law would have on vulnerable West Australians. Continue reading

Being rich and famous doesn’t protect you from elder abuse

Stan Lee literally made superheroes.  Continue reading

An open letter from WA palliative care specialists

The McGowan Government has invited public comment on its discussion paper Ministerial Expert Panel on Voluntary Assisted Dying. Continue reading

National Palliative Care Week 2019

It is with good reason that anyone who has experienced palliative care – either for themselves or for a loved one – is very appreciative…  Many even have positive and life-giving, though often incredibly sorrowful, memories of it.  Continue reading

Doctors not permitted to object to euthanasia: Ontario Court

Ontario courts and its College of Physicians and Surgeons are so committed to euthanasia and assisted suicide that they would prefer that doctors trained in oncology, cardiology, neurology and palliative care hang up their stethoscopes and move into areas where their skills are not necessarily in demand, or quit the profession altogether, than exercise their practice in accordance with their beliefs.  Continue reading

Public support for euthanasia drops when more information is given

A new poll released in New Zealand demonstrates how public ‘support’ for euthanasia plummets when people are asked detailed questions about the issue, and in particular, are asked questions that go beyond the usual euphemisms and motherhood statements that are normally put to the public. Continue reading

Who is dying under the Netherlands’ euthanasia regime?

Statistics relating to euthanasia deaths in the Netherlands in 2018 have been released, and are available on the Euthanasia Commission website. Continue reading