New bill to overturn the Euthanasia Laws Act due in the Senate next week

Yet another Sydney Morning Herald report on euthanasia today says that Greens Senator Richard Di Natale will table a bill to overturn the the Euthanasia Laws Act 1997 as early as next Monday. Continue reading

Fear of the nursing home - a reason to die?

   Reports today that Perth pensioner, Herbert Erickson may have committed suicide have once again been used falsely to raise the debate on euthanasia in Western Australia. Continue reading

Green's Senator moves to legislate to allow euthanasia in the territories

An article in the  Sydney Morning Herald today says that Greens Senator Richard Di Natale will move to repeal the Euthanasia Laws Act (known also as the Andrews' Bill). Continue reading

Lessons from Massachusetts - euthanasia & assisted suicide is not a 'left-right' divide

  This article from the is a primer on how campaigns should be run and it proves the case that being against euthanasia and assisted suicide isn't a 'religious thing' any more than its a 'conservative thing': Continue reading

Research proves that PVS people can communicate.

  A summary of the recent news reports on this interesting development from Alex Schadenberg:  Continue reading

Crossing the Line? (and creating another arbitrary line)

  Last Sunday evening the Australian Seven network (Sunday Night program Continue reading

Insurance company to pay for euthanasia deaths at Dutch euthanasia clinic.

  The Netherlands media has reported that Health Insurance Group Menzies will pay for the euthanasia deaths that occur at the the euthanasia clinic that is operated by the euthanasia lobby in the Netherlands (NVVE) and opened March 1, 2012. This is the same euthanasia clinic that set-up the six mobile euthanasia units.The article that was published on November 2, 2012 by stated: Continue reading

Two Doctors comment on assisted suicide

  With less than two days to the US Presidential Election and the assisted suicide ballot in Massachusetts, two doctors speak out against the move.Physician-assisted suicide is not a right. It's a wrong. Continue reading

Shifting sands in death debate

The Sydney Morning Herald has been continuing its run of articles on assisted suicide in the last few days.   Giving some balance to the issue is another personal reflection from Continue reading

Boston Globe says NO to assisted suicide

In the past few weeks a number of American newspapers, many but not all in Massachusetts have editorialized opposition to the Massachsetts Ballot Question 2 on assisted suicide. The ballot question will be voted on by Mass. citizens as part of the voting in the US Presidential Ballot on November 6.  Yesterday the left-liberal Continue reading