Tasmanian euthanasia push and shades of grey

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16th anniversary of passage of the Euthanasia Laws Act

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What should end-of-life care look like?

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Psychiatrist in the UK needs to be investigated by the police

  Psychiatrist who supplied report to man with dementia so he could kill himself at Dignitas needs to be investigated by the police. Continue reading

Belgium becomes world leader in organ removal after euthanasia. Oxford academics suggest the practice could generate 2,200 more organs a year in UK.

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The Blame Game and Emotions - a good framework for public policy decisions?

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Switzerland is Kevorkian as a Country

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NSW push for euthanasia laws

  Like many MPs supportive of euthanasia & assisted law reform, Cate Faerhmann MLC, member of the NSW Upper House is nothing if not persistent.  Continue reading

Tasmanian Euthanasia Push - terminal?

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