Most British MPs oppose the legalisation of assisted suicide says new poll

By Dr Peter Saunders, Campaign Director, Care Not Killing Alliance - UK  More than seven out of ten MPs refuse to back calls to legalise assisted suicide, according to a new survey released today (See reports from  Continue reading

Beer Bucket List - a dangerous brew

  Readers will recall the stories and my comments a few weeks ago about Philip Nitschke and Exit International's new death scheme, providing hypoxic (suffocation) death using nitrogen.  Continue reading

New UK Minister backs Assisted Suicide

For the past few days I've enjoyed a unique and inspiring experience as a delegate to the First European Symposium on Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide held in Edinburgh. Yesterday, during conference, a new British Health Minister came out in favour of assisted suicide. This comes shortly after the judgement in the Nicklinson case upheld the existing prohibition in the UK and as Scottish MP, Margo Macdonald prepares to introduce her second attempt at legalising assisted suicide in the Scottish Parliament.For a junior health minister to fly the flag for such a change is strange enough (though we have seen that in other jurisdictions in recent times), but one wonders at the timing of such an announcement that elicited support from a Lib Dem MP as well. Continue reading

Nitschke's public response to Medical Board questions

It took a while, but Exit International supremo, Philip Nitschke has responded today to the issues raised last week in respect to his latest move to supply nitrogen kits for suicides. Contrary to his assertions, my interest is not a political consideration at all. I'm concerned solely about the public safety aspect.Nor am I motivated to somehow dispose of a euthanasia activist. Nitschke's activism actually supports our cause in strange ways in that his advocacy for such things as death clinics and mobile death vans actually shows where euthanasia & assisted suicide type legislation ultimately could go. Continue reading

Nitschke & Exit must answer questions

The roll out of Exit International and Dr. Nitschke's latest project, the provision of kits that include a nitrogen cylinder to bring about death by suffocation, should ring alarm bells with the Australian public and regulatory authorities. His comments in the Herald Sun and Dennis Shanahan's article in Continue reading

"I was afraid to leave my husband alone"

From the website of Hawaiians Against Assisted Suicide. Continue reading

Helium suicides on the rise in the UK

  This recent report from the  highlights a growing and worrisome trend in helium deaths in the UK. Continue reading

Dr. Nitschke and Exit International have questions to answer

Today's national newspaper, , ran the article below (headlining page three).The Australian Continue reading

Tasmanian Government launches Elder Abuse initiative

It's time for Premier Giddings to rethink her commitment to euthanasia legislation.  News from the Tasmanian Continue reading

NZ PM backtracks on euthanasia comments

Last week, New Zealand's Prime Minister, John Key created an uproar when he described what he thought was euthanasia (and got it wrong!) and then proceeded to infer that NZ doctor's break the law (that euthanasia already happens in NZ hospitals).  Today he backtracked somewhat, acknowledging that his language had been 'sloppy'. Continue reading