Death at the Oscars - frequent flirts with euthanasia & assisted suicide

This post from the website on the latest pro-suicide/euthanasia film to win an Oscar:US Not Dead Yet Continue reading

Euthanasia's euphemisms

Here's a great summary of the changes in language employed by those who support changes to the law. This is a time-honoured campaigning tool for anyone who has ever tried to win an argument - but when dealing with life and death - it's just not appropriate.   writes: Continue reading

Law must be upheld - but mercy should temper justice

A report in  The Australian today about an elderly Victorian man's guilty plea for the attempted murder of his disabled wife will no doubt put the spotlight on the law itself. Continue reading

Should children and incompetent persons be euthanized in Belgium?

This recent disturbing development in Belgium is covered by : Alex Schadenberg Continue reading

Belgian woman with anorexia nervosa dies by euthanasia.

also comment son Belgian anorexia euthanasia death. Alex Schadenberg  Continue reading

Seizures of euthanasia drugs rise

This article today in makes me wonder just how much of this stuff is getting into the country! The Australian Continue reading

Belgian Anorexia Euthanasia

reports on yet another chilling case from Belgium: Wesley Smith  Continue reading

Paternalism in the Apple Isle

Observations on the paper: Voluntary Assisted Dying - A Proposal for Tasmania     Continue reading

Quebec National Assembly Report on Dying with Dignity

Noted US commentator and lawyer. Wesley Smith comments on the problems with implementing the Quebec Report. This is very important given the reliance on this report in recent days in Tasmanian discussion paper on euthanasia & assisted suicide:  Article 1:  Continue reading

WA Labor leader supports euthanasia in lead up to the polls

Yesterday  we reported how a WA independent MP has flagged her intention to bring on a euthanasia debate if she is re-elected. Pundits say that Adele Carles MP has little chance of retaining her seat.  Continue reading