Fiji rejects Nitschke' death clinic proposal

The  Fiji Times reports that the pacific state has no intention of going along with Dr. Nitschke's idea of creating a pacific version of the Swiss Dignitas clinic. Continue reading

UK Suicides are rising.

The liberal media must remember the risk of copycat syndrome Earlier this week Tony Nicklinson, who suffered from locked-in-syndrome, died. For the last couple of years, he had led a high-profile campaign to change the law on murder. His argument was that because of his condition he was incapable of ending his life, and needed someone to kill him without the fear of prosecution. Continue reading

Nitschke looks to Fiji for a Dignitas type clinic

News reports today suggest that Philip Nitschke is in discussions with the Fijian Attorney General,  Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, about the possibility of setting up a Dignitas - style death clinic in the Fijian capital of Nadi.  Continue reading

NZ PM John Key weighs into Euthanasia debate

New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, gave 'ín principle' support to Maryan Street MP's euphemistically titled 'énd of Life Choices' Bill in an interview on New Zealand radio today.  No real surprise here - he's said as much before. What was surprising were his broad brush and unfounded statements about the state of the New Zealand health system, suggesting he understands very little about end-of-life issues (echoed by many comments on the Continue reading

Tony Nicklinson RIP

News today from Britain  that Locked-In Syndrome sufferer, Mr. Tony Nicklinson has passed away after contracting pneumonia.Pneumonia is quite common in people who are bedridden or immobile as Mr. Nicklinson indeed was and often results in death. Continue reading

Paul and Philip Nitschke - debate in Adelaide

Thursday evening was cold, wet and windy in Adelaide. But that did not stop 120 people from turning up to a debate at Adelaide University between yours truly and Dr. Philip Nitschke.  Hosted by the Adelaide University Liberal Club (for non-Australian readers, The Liberal Party is the conservative party - yeah, go figure!) it was a very successful debate with many good and respectful questions - so much so that Philip and I fielded questions long after the official closing time. Continue reading

dangers of subtle coercive influence - the perils of euthanasia

The following article was written by John Gibb and published on August 15, 2012 in the Otago Daily News (New Zealand). Baroness Prof Ilora Finlay, a Welsh palliative care specialist, spoke about the need to protect the vulnerable. Her talk was sponsored by Hospice New Zealand, and the Otago Health Sciences Division, in association with the Otago Bioethics Centre. Dangers of euthanasia spelt out.By John Gibb - Otago Daily News - August 15, 2012 Continue reading

Euthanasia is not the answer - NZ MP

The following article was written by Isaac Davison and published on August 16, 2012 in the New Zealand Herald under the title:  Maggie Barry: Euthanasia is not the answer. Continue reading

Update on the Carter Case

  An update on the Carter Case in Canada from EPC head, Alex Schadenberg:  Continue reading