Son who killed mother for money gets 20 years

This report from the   website is a chilling reminder of how euthanasia & assisted suicide could aid and abet someone in the killing of a relative for financial gain. And who would ever know?AdelaideNow Continue reading

Oregon's assisted suicide statistics 2012

This report first appeared on Margaret Dore's website:Choice Illusion Continue reading

Six Lessons from death in Belgium

  Great summary of the death of the Belgian twins by Michael Cook from t. Continue reading

Quebec Euthanasia: Be careful what you wish for!

 provides insights and warning about the latest push by the Quebecois government to by pass the national government and go-it-alone on euthanasia. Alex Schadenberg  Continue reading

Japanese Finance Minister says: 'Sayonara' to the elderly

A report today in  The Australian has it that the new Japanese Finance Minister,  Continue reading

Euthanasia: let's look at the bigger picture - a disability perspective

This article by Craig Wallace first appeared on the   and is an excellent summary of the views of many in the disability community about euthanasia & assisted suicide.Ramp Up website (part of the ABC in Australia) Continue reading

Suicide - contagion amongst the elderly?

Suicide contagion, also known as the Werther effect, is a well-documented phenomenon of serious concern for young people.  Also called "copycat syndrome", the understanding that knowledge of a youth suicide creates risk factors amongst peer groups, school classmates and even 'friends-of-friends' networks has been taken  seriously now by educators, police and the media for decades. Continue reading

Euthanasia's dark fronts for Australia in 2013

The closing months of 2012 saw a media barrage from various pro-euthanasia sources, particularly in the Eastern States. From personal testimonies to new polling results, the intensity and frequency across all traditional forms of media cannot have been accidental.  These change agents are nothing if not well organised. But, in terms of their goals, one wonders at why such a major push leading up to the year's end when the holiday season creates a natural lull in the discussion of most things political. Continue reading

Wrong diagnosis: 2 years of chemotherapy

This report from the   tells a tale of misdiagnosis. As the article concludes, misdiagnosis and prognosis is not uncommon. Yet if this woman had taken the assisted suicide option in Switzerland the story would have had a tragic ending.Huffington Post Continue reading

Legalizing assisted suicide is wrong and dangerous

This is a disturbing yet compelling read. Will our state health systems go the same way as Canada (if were not there already) or do we have the leadership in Australia to ensure that the system remains focused on health and well being?  The following article was written by Dr. Sherif Emil who is a paediatric surgeon at the Montreal Children's Hospital. This article was published in the Montreal Gazette on January 17, 2013 under the title:  Continue reading