Doctors euthanising newborns in Belgium outside of the law

The reputation of the Benelux nations (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) when it comes to their permissive euthanasia laws is well known. In the short time in which the laws have been operative in these countries, euthanasia access has expanded from terminally ill people suffering unbearably, to those suffering mental illness, including eating disorders, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and those suffering dementia. Continue reading

If only the trains ran on time

NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance has hitched his wagon to the death train, indicating his willingness to sacrifice his transport portfolio and Cabinet position in order to support the push by Independent MP Alex Greenwich for euthanasia and assisted suicide. Continue reading

Are assisted suicide patients drowning to death?

Physician and intensive care doctor, Dr Joel Zivot, an “expert witness against the use of lethal injection for execution in America”, is “quite certain that assisted suicide is not painless or peaceful or dignified. In fact, in the majority of cases, it is a very painful death.” Continue reading

“Morally reprehensible” actions of Qld Government

The euthanasia and assisted suicide laws passed in Queensland last week put the Palaszczuk government “in a class of its own for outrageousness,” according to Angela Shanahan, columnist at The Australian. Continue reading

Queensland, Here’s How Your MPs Voted

Last week, two-thirds of the Queensland Parliament voted to legalise suicide in Queensland. Continue reading

What choice?

In Victoria’s most recent euthanasia statistics, the most common underlying condition of people who have died is lung cancer. 1 in 5 patients who have accessed lethal drugs did so because they were diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Continue reading