Who are 'The vulnerable'?

  My friend, often one to blurt out profundities without notice, said that he objects to patients being asked about whether or not they would want to be resuscitated should something go wrong at the time of being admitted to hospital for surgery. He argued that an imminent surgery and the understandable patient anxiety prior to the operation would make anyone vulnerable to making a poor decision or to being lead to a decision that they might not otherwise make.I was chatting semi-aimlessly with a lawyer friend the other day when the issue of medical power of attorneys and medical directions came up. Continue reading

Hard Cases, Great Cases: bad law

 Judge Robert Rolfe 1st Baron Cranworth in Winterbottom v Wright UK 1842. "This is one of those unfortunate cases...in which, it is, no doubt, a hardship upon the plaintiff to be without a remedy but by that consideration we ought not to be influenced. Hard cases, it has frequently been observed, are apt to introduce bad law." Oliver Wendell Holmes Jnr (Northern Securities Co. v. United States 1904) Continue reading

How Voluntary is Voluntary?

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The Perils of Euthanasia - Schadenberg on the Quebec report

  The qualification criteria for euthanasia have more holes than a Swiss cheese! Take for example: "has a serious and incurable disease".  This is so broad as to include the cold sore virus!This article from the National Post in the US looks at the recommendations of the Quebec parliaments report on euthanasia & palliative care. Continue reading

Tasmanian MP - Elder Abuse speech

  ELDER ABUSE[6.16 p.m.] Continue reading

Queensland Election Survey - candidates' views on Euthanasia

  HOPE has taken this opportunity to survey all of the plus 400 candidates for their views on euthanasia & assisted suicide.A little more than 25% responded. Some candidates from the major parties chose to respond giving the party line. In the case of both the LNP and the ALP we were told that neither party planned to introduce euthanasia and/or assisted suicide legislation. Continue reading

Bandt's rant

  For those, like me, who oppose the introduction of legislation to allow people to be legally killed or for people to assist people to kill themselves, we sometimes just need to count to ten when every new euthanasia and/or assisted suicide bill is raised in some Australian Parliament.  Yes, they do have a right to push their barrow; to have their say.No-one should begrudge any Australian or group of Australian's from 'pushing their barrow' in seeking to further their agenda, whatever that might be. Continue reading

Alex Schadenberg summarizes problems in The Netherlands

A good summary of the situation in Belgium and the Netherlands. Cross posted from Alex's blog:  Did Rick Santorum exaggerate the euthanasia experience in the Netherlands?Rick Santorum has made some very strong comments concerning the euthanasia experiment in the Netherlands and it is reported that the "Dutch are outraged", so what did he say that has supposedly outraged the Dutch? Continue reading

More on Elder Abuse - Dying for Dollars

  Authorities estimate that something like 5% of Australians over the age of 65 will be abused at some time. But authorities also admit that the prevalence could indeed be double that figure given that one of the characteristics of this kind of crime is significant under reporting.In every Australian state and territory, the issue of Elder Abuse; that is: abuse of elderly people by a trusted relative or friend, often, but not exclusively, for financial gain, is becoming a serious problem. Continue reading