Richard Wilkins and his son - Adam

  Former rocker and now TV presenter and interviewer on Australian television, Richard Wilkins talks about his son, Adam.Many people (including yours truly) speak similarly about their children with Down Syndrome. Continue reading

Doubts emerge about Dutch guidelines for terminal sedation

  Michael Cook from recently posted the following article about the use of terminal sedation: Continue reading

EU courts refuse to impose euthanasia

  The decision is in in respect to my earlier post about a court case at the European Court of Human Rights. (see earlier post HERE Continue reading

14% of All Dutch Deaths Involve Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide

US Lawyer and activist, Wesley Smith exposes what the recent Dutch figures really say. See also earlier post from . If euthanasia & assisted suicide are a public good, why don't they simply tell it like it Continue reading

Access to assisted suicide - a human right?

  After all, if we're saying that the laws create rights, then they're human rights. If they're human rights, then they have a universal application by virtue of our common humanity.  Continue reading

Justice Minister announces appeal of the decision of Justice Smith in BC, that legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada

  The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) applauds the decision by Justice Minister, Hon Rob Nicholson, who today announced the appeal Continue reading

New Zealand: Street's euthanasia bill untimely and unclear

  Paul HutchisonWednesday 11 July 2012, 12:27PM Continue reading

Dutch doctors turn to 'continuous deep sedation' to keep official euthanasia figures low

Recent reports on the release of the 2010 Dutch euthanasia figures have tended to suggest that the garden is rosy in the Netherlands. UK Care Not Killing Alliance director, Dr. Peter Saunders explains why that's not the case.  Dr. Peter Saunders Continue reading

Doctor accused of ending patients' lives prematurely

  This is disturbing on a number of fronts. Firstly, claims that the doctor effectively euthanased a patient, secondly, that his actions were taken without consent. Thirdly, that he took no care to provide pain relief and also that the Medical Board has not sought to de-register him but, rather, to simply move his work away from acute care situations. It is also alleged that this was not an isolated case for this doctor.You can read the report and view the video Continue reading

Trends in end-of-life practices before and after the enactment of the euthanasia law in the Netherlands from 1990 to 2010: a repeated cross-sectional survey

The Lancet Jul, 2012 Comment: Latest meta-analysis from the Netherlands. Claims that the rate of euthanasia remain steady are not true. 2010 data shows that 23% of euthanasia cases are not reported; there were 310 deaths without request or consent and marks the alarming increase in the use of death by 'continuous deep sedation' to 12.3% of all deaths.  Link to study at The Lancet Continue reading