Nitschke in the News - again

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Council of Europe: "Euthanasia must always be prohibited"

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The Choice Illusion

Real choice is preserved without euthanasia & assisted suicide. We have an established routine in our family for the purchase of a used car. It's been honed over the last quarter decade and seems to work quite well. My role is to find the right vehicle and talk to the car salesman. Once I've established a few facts and signal a desire to purchase, I tell the salesman that I'll need to talk it over with my wife and get back to him. Continue reading

The Dutch mobilize death

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The Dutch polish the slippery slope

  Once it was common to hear pro-euthanasia commentators dismiss, out-of-hand, any possibility that euthanasia & assisted suicide law could not be contained.  It's less common these days - most likely because The Dutch experiment continues to prove the hypothesis.The  Continue reading

New Zealand court case fuels the debate

  Sean Davidson, a New Zealand citizen who was working and living in South Africa, returned home to Dunedin to care for his sick and dying mother.  Reports suggest that, at the time, she was deliberately starving herself to death.A court case in New Zealand has sparked debate about Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide. Continue reading

A tale of two blogs

  The first tells the story of a French Woman with Locked In syndrome, her fight for life and against euthanasia that recently saw her receive France's highest honour, .  The French Parliament, only a few years ago, shunned euthanasia and assisted suicide in a comprehensive parliamentary report. Continue reading

Elder Abuse - a reality we cannot ignore

Whenever I speak on the subject of euthanasia & assisted suicide, one of my main points is always the issue of  .Elder Abuse Continue reading

'End-of-life-arrangements' or just plain killing?

It's not very often that I find myself in agreement with Phillip Nitschke.  We've been on opposite sides of a number of debates both formal and informal in recent months.  But in Launceston he surprised me. In my presentation I described the bill in South Australia sponsored by Steph Key MP pointing out that it was very much a euthanasia free-for-all.  I drew the audience's attention to the fact that the bill did not even put up the pretence of safeguards (so-called).  I invited the three persons in opposition to us (including Nitschke) that night to join me in opposing the bill (if they believed in 'appropriate safeguards' as at least one of the three states on his website).Nitschke responded in very clear terms by saying that the bill in question was a 'decriminalization model' of euthanasia and that he wholeheartedly supported it.  And of course, he's right.  The bill effectively removes from the homicide section of the criminal code direct killing and assisting in suicide if the defendant (doctor or nurse or others assisting) 'believed on reasonable grounds that the person was an adult person of sound mind who was suffering from an illness, injury or other medical condition that irreversibly impaired the person's quality of life so that life had become intolerable to that person (the qualifying illness)'. Continue reading

Nitschke, Nembutal and the TGA

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