Debate on Euthanasia likely soon in Tasmania

  One might be forgiven for making the assumption that a 'discussion paper' might be framed in such a way as to seek the opinions of Tasmanians and other stakeholders as to whether or not euthanasia & assisted suicide was good public policy or no. Apparently, according to , that's not the case: Continue reading

The Such Bill - defeated: but they'll be back

  I'm sure South Australian MP,  The Hon Bob Such, would agree that he's no Arnold Schwarzenegger, but upon the defeat of his latest euthanasia bill on the 14th of June, he boldly proclaimed that he would Continue reading

Alex Schadenberg in Australia - Report

  Alex was brought to Australia to speak primarily at the Melbourne Life Coalition Annual Dinner. Alex later remarked on how pleasing it is to see disparate groups coming together and working together on various issues.  Continue reading

Letting people die or 'nudging them along'

A recent article in the  London Telegraph has re-ignited the discussion about the  Continue reading

Netherlands' euthanasia stats are appalling

   â�� It's not easy to watch someone die. It's hard to watch a person's basic abilities, like walking and talking, being taken away bit by bit. And it's heart-wrenchingly difficult when that person is also in great pain or struggling for breath. Those are hard cases.CALGARY Continue reading

Who are 'The vulnerable'?

  My friend, often one to blurt out profundities without notice, said that he objects to patients being asked about whether or not they would want to be resuscitated should something go wrong at the time of being admitted to hospital for surgery. He argued that an imminent surgery and the understandable patient anxiety prior to the operation would make anyone vulnerable to making a poor decision or to being lead to a decision that they might not otherwise make.I was chatting semi-aimlessly with a lawyer friend the other day when the issue of medical power of attorneys and medical directions came up. Continue reading

Hard Cases, Great Cases: bad law

 Judge Robert Rolfe 1st Baron Cranworth in Winterbottom v Wright UK 1842. "This is one of those unfortunate which, it is, no doubt, a hardship upon the plaintiff to be without a remedy but by that consideration we ought not to be influenced. Hard cases, it has frequently been observed, are apt to introduce bad law." Oliver Wendell Holmes Jnr (Northern Securities Co. v. United States 1904) Continue reading

How Voluntary is Voluntary?

 Cross posted from  :Bioedge Continue reading