WA euthanasia bill allows for doctor steering

“..Now there is the option of voluntary assisted dying...” Continue reading

Beware Queensland government’s tactics

At the November 2017 election, the Queensland government told voters it had “no plans to introduce legislation to allow for voluntary euthanasia”. Continue reading

Grieving daughter met with cold indifference

The long-lasting effects of euthanasia and assisted suicide on those left behind were clearly evident at an event in Perth last week, when a distressed young woman confronted Philip Nitschke over her father’s suicide death – aided by Exit International – two years earlier. Continue reading

Inaccessible and underfunded: the state of WA palliative care

Inaccessible and underfunded palliative care will leave vulnerable patients feeling that euthanasia is their only option, West Australia palliative care providers have said. Continue reading

Dr Death provides safe harbour for euthanasia illegals

Arguably no one illustrates the utter futility of euthanasia “safeguards” like Australia’s Philip Nitschke. Continue reading

Disturbing trends revealed in latest Washington stats

The most recent statistics for Washington State’s assisted suicide laws demonstrate what we have seen in jurisdiction after jurisdiction that have passed these laws: a dramatic increase in assisted suicide deaths, the emergence of “specialist” assisted suicide doctors, the lack of psychological care… it’s an all-too-familiar story. Continue reading

Gaping holes in WA Bill

  The Western Australian Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2019 was tabled in parliament on Wednesday, lauded by the government as having a supposed “102 safeguards.” Continue reading

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South Australian Joint Committee on End of Life Choices Submission

This submission will provide content on each of the terms of reference of this inquiry. Continue reading

The farce of ‘strict safeguards’

Everyone is familiar with the concept of “getting a foot in the door”. The same principle applies to legislation. Continue reading