A veneer of consultation

Euthanasia advocates are trying to push the most extreme euthanasia laws to ever be proposed in Australia without proper scrutiny. Continue reading

Dutch euthanasia requests rapidly rising

A Dutch euthanasia clinic operating in the Hague has announced that it had a dramatic rise in the number of euthanasia requests last year. Continue reading

More euthanasia safeguards under attack in Victoria

Last week, we reported about the push to remove the safeguard in the Victorian legislation that stops doctors from raising the issue of euthanasia with their patients. Continue reading

Ten things to know about the Tasmanian euthanasia bill

Independent Tasmanian MLC, Mike Gaffney, has just released a consultation draft of a euthanasia and assisted suicide bill for that state. Continue reading

Justice denied to protect euthanasia law

The first doctors in Belgium to be charged with an unlawful euthanasia death have been found not guilty. Continue reading

Plans for hasty euthanasia laws put on hold

Strong public backlash has forced the Quebec government to slow down its plans to rush through changes to extend euthanasia to those with mental illness. Continue reading

The first ever criminal trial of euthanasia death in Belgium

The criminal trial of three doctors charged with an unlawful euthanasia death has commenced in Belgium. This is the first time in 17 years since the euthanasia law was enacted in Belgium that doctors have been criminally charged in relation to a death under the regime. Continue reading

Well, that didn’t take long

Well, that didn’t take long Continue reading

Health Minister threatens funding cuts if euthanasia not offered

Should patients have the right to be in hospice care where they are certain that they won’t be at risk of euthanasia?  Should a hospice facility be financially punished for providing an environment where its patients can be certain that no one will ever administer lethal drugs to them? Continue reading


The teaming up of Nationals and Greens MPs to try and push euthanasia and assisted suicide into New South Wales is the wrong policy at the wrong time. Continue reading