“Much more widespread and more serious”

“We have been told about people who have walked into an aged care residence, frail but in relatively good spirits and mentally alert, only to die a few months later after suffering from falls, serious pressure injuries and significant pain and distress. We have seen images of people with maggots feeding in open sores and we have seen video and photographic evidence of outright abuse. Continue reading

1500 NZ doctors sign open letter against euthanasia

More than 1500 doctors in New Zealand have signed an open letter to all New Zealanders, appealing to MPs not to legalise euthanasia and assisted suicide. Continue reading

WA government: euthanasia patients to receive priority

It’s one of those instances in which truth is stranger than fiction. Continue reading

Historic show of unity on euthanasia debate

In an historic show of unity, religious groups in Australia and overseas have come together in agreement that giving suffering people the legal and physical means to take their own lives or to have someone end their lives for them represented a “failure” for society Continue reading

An important message from 150 WA medical practitioners

An important message from 150 Western Australian medical practitioners to the WA parliament. Continue reading

Report tabled to allow euthanasia for kids under 12

Euthanasia advocates in three different countries that have already legalised euthanasia or assisted suicide have this week sought for the expansion of the regime. Continue reading

WMA re-affirms opposition to euthanasia

Despite intense lobbying from pro-euthanasia activists, the World Medical Association has, once again, reiterated its opposition to euthanasia and physician assisted suicide.   Continue reading

An egregious ‘bait-and-switch’

A Queensland MP has urged the parliament to rush euthanasia legislation through before the next state election to be held this time next year. Continue reading

Doctors across Australia reject euthanasia “fake news”

More than 770 medical professionals involved in end of life care or the treatment of those with significant illness have written to members of the West Australian Legislative Council to challenge “misinformation” used by euthanasia advocates in the push for passing the laws in the state. Continue reading

Organ donation and euthanasia – what could go wrong?

Organ donation is a medical practice that is almost universally supported as a public good in and of itself. It allows a very sick person whose own organs are failing to be given a second chance at life, through the donation of organs from the body of a person who is recently deceased. Continue reading