No-one asked if I was okay

Three years ago, disability advocate Samantha Connor and a group of disabled friends conducted a small protest outside the Australian premiere of Me Before You, a Hollywood film about a wealthy banker who is paralysed in an accident and ends his life at Dignitas, the Swiss euthanasia clinic. Continue reading

WA government bullies MPs to rush euthanasia bill

With a strong majority in Western Australia’s lower house (40 of the 59 members), WA’s Labor government fully expected to ram their euthanasia bill through quickly. Continue reading

WA regional residents want palliative care fixed

As the debate on euthanasia in Western Australia intensifies, new polling released this week indicates that regional residents in the state want palliative care fixed, as a priority, before any euthanasia legislation is passed by the parliament. Continue reading

Indigenous Australians at “higher risk”: Senator

Indigenous Members of Parliament, elders and faith leaders have called for the voices of Indigenous Australians to be heard in the debate over euthanasia and assisted suicide laws. Continue reading

WA politicians claiming euthanasia bill has nothing to do with euthanasia

Health Minister Roger Cook MLA stated in his second reading speech for the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2019 that the bill “has nothing to do with euthanasia”. Continue reading

AMA: Euthanasia architect must clarify claims

The Australian Medical Association (WA) has queried a statement from the independent Chair of the Medical Expert Panel into the assisted suicide and euthanasia legislation in Western Australia, Malcolm McCusker QC. Continue reading

Doctors aren’t psychics

As in our own nation, euthanasia legislation is looming large over the ditch. Continue reading

Funding restrictions pushed this man to assisted suicide

Sean Tagert was suffering from ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, for six years.  He lived in Canada with his 11 year-old son. Continue reading

WA euthanasia bill allows for doctor steering

“..Now there is the option of voluntary assisted dying...” Continue reading

Beware Queensland government’s tactics

At the November 2017 election, the Queensland government told voters it had “no plans to introduce legislation to allow for voluntary euthanasia”. Continue reading