Almost 50% of euthanasia deaths going unreported

A new analysis of the most recent Belgian euthanasia statistics from the European Institute of Bioethics has revealed some disturbing facts about this unsafe practice. Continue reading

Victorian elder abuse on the rise

New statistics from Victoria reveal that elder abuse is continuing to rise in the state. The heavy toll that the Coronavirus lockdowns in the state have had on elderly people has also been uncovered. In the months that Victoria was in lockdown, according to data on family violence, “more people aged 55 and older accessed support services or sought a family violence protection order.”  Continue reading

Opt out not an option: Tasmanian MP

Faith-based hospitals and aged care facilities will be watching the progress of Mike Gaffney’s extreme euthanasia and assisted suicide bill as it progresses through an inquiry and then debate in the Lower House. Continue reading

Disability, devaluing and discrimination

The Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability handed down its interim report this week. Continue reading

Economic savings identified ahead of euthanasia expansion

“…expanding access to MAID result in a net reduction in health care costs for the provincial governments.” Continue reading

Still dangerously unsafe

In what has become standard practice for those trying to push through euthanasia and assisted suicide laws, Tasmanian MPs were forced to sit all day and night on Tuesday in order to debate Mike Gaffney’s extreme euthanasia bill. Continue reading

Queensland’s euthanasia political football

As we reported last week, the Queensland Premier has announced a fast tracking of euthanasia laws if her government is returned at the upcoming state election, promising to vote in favour of legalisation early on in a new term, and backtracking on her previous commitments to carefully consider a Queensland Law Reform Commission report on the issue. Continue reading

Netherlands approves child euthanasia

The Netherlands has approved euthanasia for children aged one to twelve years old.  This now means that there is no longer an age barrier in the country for accessing euthanasia. Prior to this change, infants up to the age of one could be euthanised and children aged twelve and older were also eligible. Now the gap has been closed and it’s open to children of any age.  Continue reading

What’s the rush?

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced that, if re-elected in next week’s poll, she will fast-track an inquiry called by her Government in order to push euthanasia and assisted suicide legislation through parliament as early as possible in 2021. Continue reading

Faith-based institutions under threat from euthanasia laws

The Southern Cross Care (SCC) group in Tasmania ruffled some feathers this week when it declared that in the event that Mike Gaffney’s euthanasia bill were to become law, they would not be providing or facilitating euthanasia or assisted suicide on their premises. This is in keeping with their underlying philosophy and ethos as a faith-based institution, established to provide patients with palliative care. Continue reading