Deadly mix of telehealth and euthanasia

In Australia, as predicted, the campaign to call for the removal of ‘safeguards’ began almost immediately following the legalisation of euthanasia in Victoria last year.  Continue reading

Push for MPs to vote without information “unreasonable”

The former Queensland Deputy Premier is still trying to exert influence over the government’s direction, continuing to push for her progressive agenda, despite resigning from cabinet earlier this year. Continue reading

Whose voices have been silenced in the euthanasia debate?

As New Zealanders prepare to go to the polls in September on whether to legalise assisted suicide in their country, one commentator has observed that, besides the fact that the law lacks the necessary detail for voters to make a fully informed decision, a significant issue is the fact that the voices of the Maori and Pasifika populations have been “notably absent” from the debate. Continue reading

Afraid of suffering? Tasmania has a “cure” for that

The euthanasia bill proposed by Tasmanian MLC Mike Gaffney, if passed, will play into the fears of those who are diagnosed with terminal illnesses in such a way that even the anticipation of future suffering will be sufficient to give someone access to lethal drugs. Continue reading

Women at greater risk

A live-in carer has highlighted two key risks of the introduction of euthanasia and assisted suicide: the attractiveness of extending the regime to those who are “tired of life” and the heightened risk of euthanasia for women. Continue reading

The empty rhetoric of ‘compassion’

Serena Jones is a New Zealand mother and business woman who is living with terminal cancer. She has spoken up about her very personal experience of care as she navigates the medical system through the course of her illness. Continue reading

Evidence-based research without the evidence?

Evidence-based research without the evidence sounds silly, doesn’t it? But with Victorian health authorities still tight-lipped about the number and kind of euthanasia and assisted suicide cases in the state, those writing about the Victorian experience have very little on which to base their assertions. Continue reading

Disability Prejudice

Disability advocates both here in Australia and around the world have been at the forefront of the movement opposing the legalisation of euthanasia and assisted suicide.  They highlight the inherent dangers of euthanasia legislation for people living with disabilities in the context of a society that daily makes value judgments about the “quality” or otherwise of their lives. Continue reading

“Woefully inadequate”: Victoria’s palliative care stats revealed

Euthanasia advocates make all the promises in the world about palliative care when they are trying to sell euthanasia and assisted suicide laws to the people. Continue reading

Difficulty in detecting coercion

Graham Robert Morant, the man currently serving ten years in prison for counselling and aiding his wife to suicide, has lost an appeal against his convictions and sentence in the Queensland Court of Appeal. The three judges were unanimous in dismissing his appeal. Continue reading