Two academics explain the Benelux Euthanasia experiments

These two videos presentations were recorded in the UK as part of the Anscombe Bioethics Centre's recent lectures. 

Dr Benoit Beuselinck is a Medical Oncologist working at University Hospitals Leuven. He has been an Oncologist for 10 years. He talks about the development of euthanasia in Belgium, giving examples and explanation of the incremental nature of the extension of euthanasia.

Dr Beuselinck also gives some fine examples of cases where he has dealt with the question of people saying that they don't want to be a burden.


Professor Raphael Cohen-Almagor for the University of Hull UK has conducted extensive research on euthanasia in the Netherlands and in Belgium. He raises concerns about further expansion of the practice in Belgium. Originally a supporter of the law, Professor Cohen-Almagor changed his mind after visiting The Netherlands to conduct research for a book he was preparing.