UK Targets Disabled for Euthanasia as a Cost-Saving Measure

By Bobby Schindler  In a chilling story by Rebekah Maxwell, people with disabilities in the UK are being targeted to be euthanized based on what she claims is the almighty dollar.
"But a much more practical motivation also exists, and it goes ka-ching. In a land of nationalized health care, every worker pays into the system, so everybody can access the system. But some people are too weak, too old, too disabled to work. Yet they still need medical treatment, draining the system of resources without contributing to the pot.
No longer does the UK have to be concerned with passing laws to allow physicians to kill those who "want to die". Things have now deteriorated to the point that physicians in their health care system are deciding on their own to kill the medically vulnerable.
"According to a government-commissioned study, hospitals in the UK are quite literally killing off disabled citizens–because the healthcare workers believe those patients aren't worth treating."
Perhaps even more disturbing is the clandestine method with how some patients are being killed. One mother was a witness to her daughter, Tina, who was purposely delayed treatment and allowed to intake fluids that eventually led to her death.
This might come as a surprise to many people here in the US, but euthanasia is nothing new to our friends in Europe. In fact, Ms. Maxell references an alarming admission based on a government study revealing that the health care system in the UK is killing 24 patients weekly!
Well, that can't happen in the US! We are all being very naive if we think this isn't already occurring in the US. We just aren't to the point where we openly admit that this type of "treatment" occurs in our health care facilities. But then again, how many of us realize that those receiving only basic care; food and water (via feeding tubes), are being starved and dehydrated to death every day in our country by having their feeding tubes removed?
Sadly, there is a very dangerous and growing bias towards the disabled in the US. From this bias, many think that being disabled is worse than life itself. And when our culture is being indoctrinated by an aggressive death mentality, believing that killing our weakest human beings is an act of compassion, you can see the grave concern. Ms. Maxwell sarcastically concludes:
"And just because eugenics have inspired horrific genocides of millions at the hands of Adolf Hitler and Margaret Sanger, doesn't mean the idea is bad. They just got carried away. We should give it another chance; after all, we're enlightened now. And maybe practice makes perfect."