Vale: Bob Such MP

Regular visitors to this website and South Australians who have followed the euthanasia debates in our state over the years will be very familiar with the former Member for Fisher, The Hon Bob Such MP in his advocacy for euthanasia. 

Mr Such passed away over the weekend after being diagnosed with a brain tumour earlier this year. After winning his seat of Fisher and entering discussions about the formation of the South Australian Government as one of the two key independents, Mr Such became ill. He was only able to attend the opening day of this parliament where he was warmly greeted by all state MPs in what was clearly to be something of an emotional farewell to the chamber where he represented Fisher for nearly twenty five years.

Mr Such had presented more euthanasia bills, I think, than any other individual MP, possibly anywhere in the world. He displayed his tenacity and determination over many issues - not just euthanasia.

He was an affable person. Over a period of a number of weeks last year, he and I exchanged cordial but searching emails as he attempted to grasp the reasoning for my opposition to his then last push for euthanasia. To his great credit, he never allowed the debate to descend into the ad hominem.

Testiment to Mr Such's dilligence and drive as a ' grassroots' local member is evident in his ability to hold on to his seat inspite of strong campaigning over a number of election campaigns. Residents of Fisher will remember him as a 'good bloke' who worked hard for his electorate and his ideals.

We remember him likewise and express our condolences to his wife, Lyn and his family.