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Vatican concerned about the euthanasia of children in Belgium

Belgian Catholic website: ThePontifical Academy for Lifehas expressed serious concern about ethical drifts in Belgium, citing theeuthanasiaof sick children. Mgr. Renzo Pegoraro (photo) , Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy for Life, said the institution is seriously concerned by the extension of the law on euthanasia in Belgium.” We hope that this trend can be stopped because we want this to go further public debate. People must realize that the extension of euthanasia to minors has serious consequences, because children are strongly influenced by psychological and physical effects of a disease. Why is it not possible to offer very good palliative care? “Mgr. Renzo Pegoraro is convinced that children are less able to easily make the right decision. ” The universal belief that children are more vulnerable and fragile and therefore need extra support, help and care remain predominant. We accept the restrictions and the need to accept the fact that a person dies. But we do not understand why it is necessary to anticipate or cause death . ” According to the Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy, the Belgian bill from a misunderstanding or a perversion of mercy.” We offer mercy, good palliative care and pain control and pain. Children deserve the best care, but also all the support of parents. It is difficult to understand why parents who suffer because their child is dying, anticipate death and kill their child. Parents themselves normally spend the maximum to save lives . ” Mgr. Renzo Pegoraro recalls that ten years ago, with the legalization of euthanasia in Belgium, our country has been warned that he was on a slippery slope.” This threat is becoming a reality. Today, euthanasia is also likely to be used on children. We are increasingly distant from the idea that every life is precious and worthy of respect “.