Victorian MP joins the call for Exit Inquiry

Hot on the heels of HOPE's call for a parliamentary inquiry into Exit International and following closely upon Disability Advocates, Lives Worth Living, joining their voice, Victorian Upper House MP, Rachel Carling-Jenkins has now called upon her Federal colleagues to 'take this on board as a matter of high priority.' 

In her statement, just released, Rachel Carling-Jenkins MLC welcomes the decision of the medical board to restrict Dr Nitschke's association with Exit and suicide advocacy adding that, 'This is just the tip of the iceberg.'

'We know vulnerable Australians have been falling victim to the dark world of suicide advocacy, especially through Exit International. This includes young Australians who had their whole lives ahead of them.' Carling-Jenkins said today.

"It is great to see the Medical Board doing their job in protecting the public and managing risk to patients", Dr Carling-Jenkins said. "Now parliamentarians must do their part to protect vulnerable people - in this case suicidal people who gain access to methods of suicide from groups like Exit International."

You can read the full press release HERE.

YOU CAN HELP! Sign the petition for an Inquiry! Click HERE for more details.

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